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An archive of hot news from 2009


Master Harold in NJ, USA

Fugard Master Harold and the Boys

Master Harold is being staged at the Cape May Stage, NJ from 28 Oct- 28 Nov 2009.  Click on the image for more details.


My Children! My Africa! in Tampa Bay, USA

My Children! My Africa! - click for link

My Children! My Africa! is on at the Shimberg Playhouse, Tampa Bay from 3-20 Sept 2009.  The actors are Dahlia Legault, Joshua Goff and LeRoy Mitchell Jr.

Legault receives good reviews "she is idealistic, assertive, vulnerable, rebellious, naÔve, intelligent and utterly persuasive. As she tries to make a relationship with black South African Thami Mbikwana, solidly played by Joshua Goff (in one of his best performances also), she constantly reminds us that white good intentions just werenít enough under apartheid, and that individual acts of decency were finally no match for mass action. Legaultís attention to detail as she plays youthful Isabel is nothing short of riveting.

From her South African accent to the anguished gestures of her eloquent hands, sheís the bright, sincere schoolgirl who just canít understand why political stalemates canít be solved with a little goodwill...  Fugardís play may be imperfect- itís about a half-hour too long, and states some of its cases too repetitively- but Legaultís performance is just about impeccable. I can hardly wait to see what sheíll do next."  (Mark E. Leib in The Daily Loaf on 4 Sept 2009). 
Click on the image for more details.


Zakes Mokae passes away

Zakes Mokae passed away in his sleep aged 75 at on 11 September 2009 in Las Vegas. Zakes Mokae worked with Fugard from the beginning- if you want a flavour get the CD of Fugard and Mokae performing Blood Knot.  There was a memorial at Palm Mortuary Las Vegas, Nevada on 18 Sept 2009.  Condolences to his wife Mandy.


Coming Home world premiere Connecticut, USA

Fugard revisits his play Valley Song.  Coming Home continues the story of Veronika.  It is on from 14 Jan- 8 Feb 2009 at The Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.


Statements in Portland, USA

Fugard Statements after an arrest under the immorality act- click for link

Shaking The Tree Studio present Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act from 5-15 Feb 2009.  The director is Samantha Van Der Merwe and the actors are Amanda Soden (Frieda), Shuhe Hawkins (Errol Philander) and Nathan Markiewicz (du Preez).

"Set in the small semi-desert town of Noupoort, in the Northern Cape, South Africa, 1965, the lens is sharpened and we focus in on Frieda Joubert and Errol Philander one year into their illicit affair. They are alone, in the dark, in the back office of the library where Frieda works as the small town's librarian. As they grapple with their fears and frustrations associated with their affair and ponder it's effects, who is outside their window grappling with a more insidious and perverse morality?"

Click on the image for more details.


Exits and Entrances in Watertown, USA

Fugard Exits and Entrances

Exits and Entrances is on at New Repertory Theatre, Watertown, MA from 22 Feb to 15 Mar 2009.  The cast are Will Lyman (Andrť) and Ross MacDonald (playing the playwright).  The director is Chris Jorie, Patrick Lynch scenic design, Eric Propp costume design, John Malinowski lighting design, David Wilson sound design, Basia Goszczynska properties design and Amy Weissenstein stage manager.

Thanks to Danielle for the information.  Click on the image for more details.


The Island in Los Angeles, USA

The Island is on at the Village Theatre inside the Lucy Florence Cultural Center, Los Angeles.  The two actors are Tony Todd (of Candyman) and Lovensky Jean-Baptiste.  It runs to 8 Mar 2009.


Sizwe Bansi in Philadelphia, USA

Fugard Sizwe Bansi is Dead - click for link

The Lantern Theater Company of Philadelphia presents Sizwe Bansi is Dead.  It is on from 30 Jan- 1 Mar 2009 at St. Stephenís Theater in Center City.

The director is Peter DeLaurier and the actors are Forrest McClendon and Lawrence Stallings.  Set designer is Meghan Jones, costume designer Millie Hiibel, lighting designers Janet Embree and David OíConnor and sound designers Christopher Colucci and Mark Valenzuela

Thanks to Leigh for the information.  Click in the image for more details.


Dimetos in London

click for link

A rare chance to see Dimetos.  The Donmar Warehouse in London present the play with Jonathan Pryce and Anne Reid.  It is on from 19 Mar to 9 May 2009.  Click on the image for more details.


Coming Home in Philadelphia, USA

Fugard Coming Home- click for link

Coming Home is performed in the Wilma Theater, Philadelphia from 14 Oct- 15 Nov 2009.  The director is Blanka Zizka.  Click on the image for more details.


Fugard Festival in Nieu Bethesda, South Africa

Fugard Hallo Koehaai - click for link  Road to Mecca- click for link

A major festival in Nieu Bethesda from 1-4 Oct 2009.  Two Fugard plays, Road to Mecca (which is set in Nieu Bethesda) and an Afrikaans Hello and Goodbye "Athol Fugard se Hallo and Goodbye vertaal deur Nieu Bethesda se bekroonde vertaler Idil Sheard is vanjaar se vlagskip vertoning. Gespeel deur Yvonne Batista en Jacques Batista. Regie en ontwerp ook deur Jacques Batista."

As well as the plays there is music (Lize Beekman, Valiant Swart) and a play and a evening about Helen Martins and the Owlhouse.  Click on the images for more details.



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