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My Children My Africa in South Africa and USA.  Blood Knot in North Carolina, The Island  in Chicago, Valley Song in California.  Adolphus Ward passes away.  Fugard awarded honorary degree in Literature.  A thesis on Blood Knot available online.

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My Children My Africa in South Africa

Athol Fugard - My Children Mu Africa 

Soweto Theatre Schools Setworks Festival present My Children M Africa from 16- 25 Aug 2022.

"In a classroom of the black Zolile High, Mr. M referees a student debate contesting that women should not receive the same education as men... Outside the classroom, Mr. M’s hopes for Thami are challenged by their generational divide and increasing political unrest under the South African government’s policy of apartheid".

More details are on the Soweto Theatre website click here.

My Children! My Africa! in USA CT plus discussion

Athol Fugard - My Children! Mu Africa! 

HartBeat Ensemble presents My Children! My Africa! from 9 Oct- 9 Sept 2022 at Carriage House Theater, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

Directed by Melanie Dreyer-Lude and the performers are Brianna Joy Ford, Jelani Pitcher and Godfrey L. Simmons Jr.

Lighting Design is by Jon-Paul LaRocco, Set Design by Norm Johnson Jr., Sound Design by Maritza Ubides and Stage Manager Martha Lorena Preve.

"The great South African playwright Athol Fugard confronts the tragedy of apartheid in this compelling tale set in a segregated township in 1984. In the face of increasing racial tension, a humble and humane black teacher attempts to persuade his best (and most charismatic) student that education, not violence, is the answer to South Africa’s problems".

More details are on the HartBeat Ensemble website here.

As well there is ENCOUNTERS: My Children! My Africa! "a special dialogue event that features small group discussions, on critical questions about the play, as well as specialist feedback and engagement".  It is on 12 Oct 2022 and registration is free, see the website.


Blood Knot in North Carolina, USA

Athol Fugard - Blood Knot

The Black Box Series present Athol Fugard's Blood Knot from 16 Sept- 9 Oct 2022.  It is performed at the Flat Rock Playhouse, North Carolina.

"Relatable and searingly intimate, Blood Knot asks us to dig beneath the surface of what makes us kin and what happens when we don’t like what we find there.

Written by renowned South African playwright Athol Fugard, Blood Knot is about the relationship between two biracial half-brothers: dark-skinned Zach and light-skinned Morris, who has recently returned home after passing as white for many years. The play follows the brothers as they grapple with crippling poverty and lonely isolation—living a strained existence in a one-room shack in apartheid South Africa. The brothers' desperation exposes the complex angles of their relationship in this powerful, revolutionary play.".

It is directed by Vickie Washington and the players are Arusi Santi and Odera Adimorah.

Details are on the Flat Rock website here.

Valley Song in California, USA

Athol Fugard - Valley Song 

ICT present Valley Song from 24 Aug - 11 Sept 2022 at ICT's home in the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center.

The director is caryn desai (she writes her name without capitals) and the two roles are played by Michael A. Shepperd and Belle Guillor.

"Written after the collapse of South Africa's system of institutionalized racial oppression known as apartheid, Valley Song reflects Fugard's optimism for a new future as it examines a family's intergenerational dynamics against the backdrop of political change".

Details are on the ICT website here.


The Island in Chicago

Athol Fugard The Island - Court Theatre Chicago

Court Theatre, the professional theatre of the University of Chicago, present The Island.  The director is Gabrielle Randle-Bent.  It runs from 11 Nov- 4 Dec 2022.  More details when available.

"John and Winston are political prisoners on South Africa’s infamous Robben Island, spending their days toiling at grueling, futile tasks in the prison’s quarry. At night, they secretly rehearse a two-man version of Antigone and find solace and strength in their burgeoning friendship. The Island is at once a sobering glimpse into the social, physical, and psychological wounds of Apartheid; a lesson in the complex work of liberation; and a testament to the transformative power of theatre".

Details are on the Court Theatre website here.


"I sing for beloved Fountain actor Adolphus Ward"

Athol Fugard and Adolphus Ward

Adolphus Ward who played in Fugard's Coming Home and The Train Driver has passed away aged 88.  There is a moving tribute by Stephen Sachs, Artistic Director of the Fountain Theatre "In Fugard’s The Train Driver, he played a gravedigger overseeing a bleak South African burial site for the unknown and unwanted, who “puts the nameless ones in the grave.” I’ll never forget the moment in the play when Adolphus, as the gravedigger, sang a Xhosa lullaby to the souls in the ground who were “sleeping.” The song floated from Adolphus like smoke on the night air. Haunting, beautiful, quietly transcendent". The link is on Intimate Excellent- the Fountain Theatre blog - click here.

Blood Knot thesis

LeHigh University

A thesis "The evolution of Athol Fugard's The blood knot" is now available online at the website of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The MA thesis is by Kim Lauren McKay from 1987.

"The published script from the 1960's was not to be the last for The Blood Knot, however, and in the 1980's Fugard turned his attention again to this play. This new, shorter version succeeds without the early poetic stance and natural imagery; it relies instead on a more
forceful tone and a more clearly political message, both of which comment on the artist and his world "

You can read the thesis on the Lehigh Preserve website  here.

Encyclopædia Britannica Web's Best Site

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Encyclopædia Britannica has listed this site as the Web's best site on Athol Fugard.  Thanks- click on the image for the encyclopædia.


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