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The e-novel Brahms Gets Laid


"I like Ken's e-novel very much...I would love to see this realised into a film or TV production."
(Barry- one of the first purchasers of the book)

"I have just read Brahms Gets Laid and can't wait for Russell's next.  Yet again he's worked his magic and turned a pompous old fart of yesterday into a sexy superhero we can relate to in the here and now. Spiderman, move over!"
 Roberto Harding, Hampshire


Brahms Gets Laid is a novel biography by Ken Russell.

The novel is made up of 20 chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue.  There is an additional list of recommended Brahms recordings, as well as a short biography of the author.

The original cover drawing is by Paul Dufficey.  Paul has worked with Ken Russell on films and operas, including as set designer for Tommy.  There are further illustrations by Lisi Tribble and Iain Fisher as well as a photo of the author.

The novel is published exclusively as an electronic book by Iain Fisher.  You can download the ebook to read it.  It is available in  Adobe format, Adobe e-book format and Microsoft reader format, most of which are probably already installed on your computer.  The ISBN number is 0-95 44 966-0-4.

You can read the prologue on the site.


The author Ken Russell

Ken Russell is known as the director of dozens of films including Song of Summer (on Delius), Elgar, Mahler and The Music Lovers (on Tchaikovsky).  But Ken Russell is also the author of four previous books:

A British Picture (American title Altered States)
The Lion Roars (American title Fire Over England)
Directing Film from Pitch to Premiere

and his first novel, the cult classic Mike and Gaby´s Space Novel.


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