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Ken Russell
Cold News 2


An archive of Ken Russell news.  Click news above for the latest updates.

More4 television Ken Russell short season

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British More4 television has a short season of Ken Russell films: The Devils, Women in Love and Crimes of Passion.  They are on 30 Jun, 3 Jul and 6 Jul 2007.  Click on the image for details.  Thanks to Jonathan for the information.


Ken Russell 80 years old

Happy Birthday!!!!


Petition for The Devils on DVD

Ken Russell The Devils petition

You can add your name to a petition to Warner Bros to release The Devils on DVD.  Click on the image.  Thanks to Leonard for the information.


Ken and Mark Kermode discussion

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Ken will be discussing film with Mark Kermode at the Larmer Tree Festival on 14 Jun 2007.  Click on the image for more information.  Thanks to Archie for the information.


Ken on London radio

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Ken will be in the Robert Holmes Show on London Radio on 15 Mat 2007 between 12:00-15:00.  Thanks to Mari for the information.  Click on the image for more details.

Ken signing books in London

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You can meet Ken as he promotes his new two double books Beethoven Confidential with Brahms Gets Laid, and Elgar the Erotic Variations with Delius A Moment with Venus.  He will be at Waterstone's, Gower Street London on 15 Mar 2007 from 6:30- 8:00PM.  He will be signing his books.  Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Alex for the information.


Sixty Seconds of Fame- finals with Ken on BBC

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Orange and BAFTA organised a competition for aspiring film makers to submit a 60 second short film around the theme of 'Celebrate'.   Ken is one of the judges of the competition and will be presenting the award to the winner on 11 Feb 2007 at the Piazza,  Covent Garden in London.  You can also see the ceremony on BBC1 from 21:00 on 11 Feb 2007.

Ken's own film is available on-line. click the image above.  Thanks to Lisi for the information.

Lisi Tribble  Ken Russell


Ken Russell leaves Celebrity Big Brother

Ken Russell in Celebrity Big Brother

Ken is one of the guests on Celebrity Big Brother on British television.  So you can watch him 24 hours a day on Channel 4.  He looked happy but frail and had to be helped on the stairs.  The other guests include Jermaine Jackson of the Jackson Five, Leo Sayer, Jo O'Meara of S Club 7, Donny Tourette of the band Towers of London, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, journalist Carole Malone (who was on Celebrity Fit Club), Ian H. Watkins of the band Steps, Cleo Rocos (of Kenny Everett fame), Dirk Benedict the television actor (The A Team and Galactica) and former Miss England Danielle Lloyd.  As well as on television you can watch live over Internet here www.channel4.com/bigbrother (UK and Ireland only- sorry).

Celebrity Big Brother Ken Russell

The entrance: Ken enters the house, being helped down the stairs.  The London Paper says "Russell... stole the show, arriving in a flamboyant waistcoat to cheers from fans, and bursting into a rendition of Singin' in the Rain."
The first evening: Ken goes to bed early, then keeps everyone awake with his snoring.
The second day: Ken tells the roommates the plots of The Girl with Golden Breasts and The Devils, plus the fire in his house and the filming of Whore.
The fifth day: Ken and Jade argue and Ken decides to leave, the second person to leave voluntarily.
Ken will appear on Big Brother's Big Mouth on 8 Jan 2007 on British E4.

Shilpa Shetty  Donny Tourette  Jermaine Jackson  Jo O'Meara

Carole Malone  Cleo Rocos  Ian H. Watkins   Dirk Benedict Danielle Lloyd


An archive of Ken Russell news.  Click news below for the latest updates.


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