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Ken Russell
Cold News 2


An archive of Ken Russell news.  Click news above for the latest updates.


Ken's house sold

Ken Russell

Ken's cottage, destroyed by fire, has been sold for £605,000.  The buyer is an explorer, Neil McGrigor, who "completed a mission to find the source of the Nile".  Didn´t Speke and Stanley find the source of the Nile in the 1850s?  Click on the image for the article.


Ken writing for The Times

Every Thursday Ken writes an article on films for The Times.  Highly recommended.
The 8 Nov 2007 issue is on Brando "Unlike many actors in the Oscar vein, Brando rarely repeats himself.  But he is not a master of disguise, he is a man of 50 contrasting egos.  Most actors manage only half a dozen at most before they are driven to performing recognisable imitations of themselves.  With Brando you never know what to expect ".


Ken recovered

Ken suffered a minor stroke, following the distress of Nipper dying.  If you want to send Ken a message I will pass it to Ken (click here).  Thanks to Archie for the information.  And thanks to everyone who sent in get well messages.
UPDATE: Ken is recovering well.


Nipper dies

Ken Russell's pet dog Nipper has died.  Nipper appeared in a number of Ken's films- the two best appearances were him yawning as Ken lectures him on folk music (In Search of English Folk Music), and emerging from a body in The Fall of the Louse of Usher.  This was greeted with cheers and applause at the premiere.


Sight and Sound magazine on Ken Russell (now on-line)

click for link

Coinciding with the BFI retrospective, the July 2007 issue of Sight and Sound has two articles on Ken Russell- The Sweet Swell Of Excess by Linda Ruth Williams on his films, and Portraits Of Artists by David Thompson on his works for the BBC's Monitor programme.

You can now read one of the articles on-line- click on the image above.  Thanks to Martin for the information.


Major Ken Russell photo exhibition

Ken Russell photo   Ken Russell photos
photos copyright Ken Russell/ TopFoto

Those of you who saw the Teddy Girls exhibition of Ken's work in London and Rotterdam know how good he was as a  photographer.  Now you can see more in a major new exhibition, timed to coincide with the BFI retrospective.  It is on from 4 July 2007 until September in the Proud Galleries, London.

Thanks to Flora for the information.  Click on the images for more details.


Time Out vote for favourite film about musicians

Time Out, the London weekly listings magazine, is preparing an issue on films about musicians, so they are asking readers to name their favourite films about musicians.  If you want to contribute email to musicfilm@timeout.com .  Note that it is about real musicians, so Tommy is not valid, whereas Delius/Song of Summer etc are.


Shetland Film Festival, Scotland

The Shetland Film Festival in Scotland features various of Ken's films including Women In Love, The Devils and Tommy.  Ken was to appear but because of ill health will no longer be able to attend.  But despite this as well as the films there will be much more including Ken's editor Michael Bradsell talking about his partnership with Ken.

It takes place in the Garrison Theatre, Lerwick.  Tickets are available from Islesburgh Box Office on 01595 692114.  Thanks to Archie for the information.


Site disruption

The site will shortly move to a larger server.  This means it may be down for a couple of days.
UPDATE: the site is now up and running on a larger server.


Madame Butterfly exhibition

click for link

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Puccini’s opera Madama Butterfly, the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas, USA has an exhibition charting the history of the story.  The exhibition features an array of diverse works including manuscripts, photographs, posters, playbills, costumes, and programs.  Ken Russell's 1983 Madama Butterfly is also included. It is on from 16 May- 29 July 2007.  Click on the image for details.

Major Ken Russell retrospective

The British Film Institute in London host a major film retrospective in July.  The films include:

  1 Jul 2007 Isadora, Marie Rambert Remembers
  4 Jul 2007 Bela Bartok, Prokofiev
  5 Jul 2007 Pop Goes The Easel
  7 Jul 2007 Diary of A Nobody
  8 Jul 2007 Song of Summer, Gordon Jacob
  9 Jul  2007 Spike Milligan
11Jul 2007 Ken Russell at the BBC (Free)
12 Jul 2007 Pop Goes The Easel
13 Jul 2007 Dante’s Inferno
13 Jul 2007 The Debussy Film
14 Jul 2007 Bela Bartok, Prokofiev
14 Jul 2007 Monitor Shorts: Programme 1
16 Jul 2007 Elgar, Always on A Sunday
17 Jul 2007 Song Of Summer, Gordon Jacob
17 Jul 2007 Clouds of Glory
18 Jul 2007 Isadora, Marie Rambert Remembers
20 Jul 2007 Monitor Shorts: Programme 2
26 Jul 2007 The Debussy Film
27 Jul 2007 Clouds of Glory
28 Jul 2007 Arnold Bax, Elgar 2
28 Jul 2007 Dante’s Inferno
29 Jul 2007 Diary Of A Nobody
30 Jul 2007 Vaughan Williams, Anton Bruckner
30 Jul 2007 Elgar & Always On A Sunday

On 16 Jul 2007 Ken Russell and Melvyn Bragg are in conversation.
From 10 Jul- 9 Sep 2007 there is Fabric, Cut & Design about the costume design of Shirley Russell.

Thanks to Alex for the information.  The retrospective was to include The Dance of the Seven Veils, but presumably even the BFI couldn't get past the censorship.



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