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Ken Russell opera and theatre


Weill and Lenya

Ken Russell Weill and Lenya

Russell's directs David McAlister and Judith Paris in the latter's play about composer Kurt Weill and singer wife Lotte Lenya. In London timed to coincide with the centenary of Weill's birth, 2000.

It is primarily a musical, with Weill´s songs sung by Paris and McAlister. Weill and Lenya are married having escaped Nazi persecution, but are having difficulties in America both in their married life and professionally. It is a two person show plus two musicians on stage who sometimes join the story, for example doubling as Nazis checking passports.

Russell had already made a television film Lotte Lenya sings Kurt Weill in 1962. Judith Paris has appeared in Russell's work from Dante's Inferno to Lady Chatterley.  The play is written by Paris with additional dialogue by Russell. This is Russell's first direction of a play as distinct from an opera.


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