Pilar Ruiz

teaching drama and dance


2001 Teacher of Theatre at Spanish Institute Cañada Blanch, London
2000 Teacher of Tap Dancing in the school of Musical Theatre "Memory", Madrid
1999 Lecture on the subject of "The Theatre in South Europe Today" at University of Alicante, Spain
1997-2000 Teacher of "Dance for Actors" and "Stretching" at the Academia Diego de León, Madrid
1996-2000 Teacher of Theatre and Drama Literature at the Academia Diego de León. Also prepared students to take entry examinations for the Royal School of Drama, Madrid
1995-1997 Teacher of Tap Dancing and Stretching at Buenavista Cultural Center, Madrid
1986-1987 Teacher of Dance at Joan Miró Cultural Center, Madrid
1984-1986 Teacher of Theatre contracted to work for the Ministry of Education of Spain in various Secondary Schools across the country