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Sarah Kane Sarah Kancold news 2012


An archive of the 2012 Hot News


4.48 Psychosis in Norwich, UK

4.48 Psychosis - click for link

Chalk Circle Theatre Company present 4.48 Psychosis from 8-10 Nov 2012 in The Garage, Norwich.  The actors are Suzanna Coppolina, Etta Geras, Matthew Higham, Hetty Rance and Andy Thompson.  The director is Ardina Levay.  Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Bill for the information.


Gesäubert Gier en 4.48 psychose in Münchner, Germany

Gesaubert Gier 4-48 psychose Sarah Kane

Münchner Kammerspiele present Gesäubert (Cleansed) Gier (Crave) and 4.48 psychose from 9-10 Feb 2013.  The actors are Marc Benjamin, Stefan Hunstein, Sylvana Krappatsch, Stefan Merki, Annette Paulmann and Thomas Schmauser.  The director is Johan Simons.  Composition is by Carl Oesterhelt with music performance Sachiko Hara, Jost-H. Hecker, Andreas Höricht, Mathis Mayr, Juan Sebastian Ruiz, Gertrud Schilde, Nancy Sullivan and Jörg Widmoser.  Click on the image for more details.


4.48 Psychosis in London, UK

4.48 Psychosis - click for link

Crooked Pieces present 4.4 Psychosis at the Drayton Arms Theatre, London from 4- 29 Sept 2012. For more details click on the image.


Cleansed in Las Vegas, also auditions

Sarah Kane Cleansed - click for linl

Off-Strip Productions presents Cleansed at the Onyx Theatre,  It is on from 9- 26 Aug 2012.  There are also auditions for the production being held on 3-5 Jun 2012.

"It has inspired anger, revulsion, joy, and wonder all at once in audiences since its first staging."

Click on the image for more details.


Sarah Kane at the Edinburgh Festival

Fourth Monkey present 4.48 Psychosis at theSpace on Niddry St from 3- 25 Aug 2012.  Details are here.


Blasted in Reading, UK casting call

Build A Rocket Productions present their inaugeral production, Blasted.  The director is Lee Anderson.  The dates are

6- 7 Mar 2012 London Venue (TBA)
22- 23 Mar 2012 University of Reading
26 Mar 2012 Sarah Kane Festival, Lincoln

This production is also being entered into the International Student Drama Festival 2012. If it is selected, the production will tour to Sheffield between 22- 30 Jun 2012.

There is a casting call for the roles of Ian and the soldier.  Details are here.


Bodies on Stage in Germany

Bodies on Stage - click for link

The 21th Annual Conference of the German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English are presenting sessions on Bodies on Stage.  Sessions include:

  • Sarah Ablett on "The Body and the Bible in Sarah Kane's Blasted"

  • Sarah-Anna Wetzlmayr on "Ex-centring the Subject and De-centring the Original: Mark Ravenhill's pool (no water) in the Context of Aktionismus"

  • Elżbieta Baraniecka on "Words That Matter: Between Materiality and Immateriality in Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis"

The guest speaker is Edward Bond.  It will be held at the Wolfsburg in Mülheim an der Ruhr (Academy of the Diocese of Essen) from 7- 12 Jun 2012.


French Sarah Kane festival

The Sarah Kane Festival to be held at the Théâtre de Nesle will present Sarah Kane’s five plays directed by Telmo Herrera. Performed in French. From 31 May- 30 Jun 2012.  There will also be special talks with the director, actors and the public on 2 Jun 2012 and on 30 Jun 2012.

4.48 Psychose, L'Amour de Phèdre, Purifiés, Anéantis et Manque.   For details click here.


Phaedra's Love in Halifax, UK

Taboo Theatre present Phaedra's Love from 9 to 13 May 2012 at the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax.


4.48 Psychosis in New York, USA

Phaedras Love - click for link

Magic Futurebox present 4.48 Psychosis from 10- 27 May 2012.  It is directed by James Rutherford, featuring Emily Gleeson and Lizzie Vieh and with design by Oona Curley, costume design by Sarah Thea Swafford and the production stage manager is Alex Lubensky.

"A career of horrible-gentle and violent-funny work comes to a close with Sarah Kane's magnum opus, written on the eve of her tragic suicide. In it she tells the inner drama of a mind at the point of combustion. In her hospital room she becomes patient, disease and doctor. She is the Victim of unending cruelties, and her pain knows no limit. She is the Perpetrator of every violence and delivers each blow with a smile. She is the Bystander to her own suffering, deaf to her own shrill screams. At the edge of her death, Sarah Kane teaches us what it means to be alive."

Click on the image for more details.


Crave in UK

Sarah Kane - Crave - click for link

Actors Touring Company in association with The North Wall presents Crave on tour.  It is directed by Ramin Gray, designed by Lizzie Clachan with lighting by Charles Balfour and sound by Alex Caplen.

Sarah Kane Crave

"A startling quartet of anger, desire, frustration and despair.   4 performers embody the competing voices of a mind in torment and ecstasy.   Sarah Kane's Crave is a contemporary classic, a ground-breaking work that challenges notions of what makes a play.   Actors Touring Company takes a fresh look at this landmark of modern international theatre in a major new production for the twenty-first century."

The dates are:

29- 30 Mar 2012 North Wall Arts Centre
31 Mar 2012 Lincoln Performing Arts Centre
3– 5 Apr 2012 Northern Stage
19- 21 Apr 2012 Manchester Royal Exchange Studio
24- 28 Apr 2012 The Wickham Theatre, University of Bristol
3– 5 May 2012 Volcano Theatre, Swansea
10- 12 May Hull Truck Theatre
17 May 2012 The Point, Eastleigh
18 May 2012 Quarterhouse, Folkestone
19 May 2012 Gulbenkian, University of Kent, Canterbury
21- 23 May 2012 York Theatre Royal
25- 26 May 2012 Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Click on the image for more details.  Highly recommended.



Gesäubert / Gier / 4.48 Psychose in Munich, Germany

Gesäubert, Gier, 4.48 Psychose in Munich, Germany

Muenchner Kammerspiele in Munich/Germany will show Cleansed/Crave/4.48 in Germany as a trilogy from January 21st onwards.

Regie: Johan Simons, Bühne: Eva Veronica Born, Kostüme: Teresa Vergho, Musik: Carl Oesterhelt, Licht: Wolfgang Göbbel, Dramaturgie: Koen Tachelet, Jeroen Versteele.  Mit: Marc Benjamin, Stefan Hunstein, Sandra Hüller, Sylvana Krappatsch, Stefan Merki, Annette Paulmann, Thomas Schmauser.

"Als die englische Theaterautorin Sarah Kane sich 1999 in einer psychiatrischen Klinik erhängte, war sie 28 Jahre alt. Sie hatte fünf Stücke und ein Filmskript geschrieben. Ihr Selbstmord schien die logische Folge eines dunklen, beunruhigenden Oeuvres zu sein, in dem Vernichtung und Selbstzerstörung wichtige Themen sind. In ihren Stücken scheint der Tod menschlicher als das Leben. Ihre Figuren sind krank, weil sie in einer kranken Welt leben. Es sind Menschen ohne Schutzschild. Die Katastrophen der Außenwelt, sei es Krieg, Machtmissbrauch oder zwischenmenschliche Grausamkeit, werden in ihren Körpern gespeichert."

Thanks to Markus for the information.  Click on the image for more details.


Sarah Kane Festival in Lincoln, UK

click for link

The University of Lincoln will host the Sarah Kane International Festival on 26- 31 Mar 2012.  The keynote speaker is Graham Sauders.  There is currently a call for papers.  More information when available.  Click on the image for more details.


4.48 Psychosis in London, UK

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis - click for link

Fourth Monkey Theatre Company present 4:48 Psychosis at Theatro Technis in London. The director is Steve Green and this is an all female production with a cast of 21 actresses.  It is on from 6- 17 Mar 2012.  Thanks to Maria for the information.  Click on the image for more details.


Irish premiere of Cleansed

Granary presents the Irish Premiere of Cleansed.  The play will workshop in Cork in September 2011 and run in Dublin late November 2011.

"in an institution designed to rid society of its undesirables, a group of inmates try to save themselves through love. Cleansed is a tender and violent fable from the author of Blasted, Crave and 4:48 Psychosis."


Crave in Dublin, Ireland

Crave by Sarah Kane - click for link

DU Players in Dublin present Crave.  The director is Darren Sinnott and the actors are Matthew Malone (A), Cameron Miller (B), Breffni Holahan (C) and Maeve O’Mahony (M).  It is on 21- 26 Nov 2011.

"Kane’s Crave, devoid of stage direction and determined narrative, tracks the stream of conscious of four characters as they grapple with guilt, anxiety, sexual depravity, depression and their personal struggle for meaning."

Click on the image for more details.



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