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An archive of the 2011 Hot News


4.48 Psychosis in Japan

4.48 Psychosis in Japan - click for link

4.48 Psychosis is presented in Japan by hananojtheater( or Hanano-gumi), a Fukuoka-based Japanese theatre company. Performances start from 20 Feb, the anniversary of Sarah Kane's death.  Junko Hanano is director and is also one of the performers.

"Precise text analysis which took longer than half year and integrated rehearsals one year afterword will realize new interpretation of the world of Sarah Kane".  It is at the Fukuoka Prefectural Momochi Cultural Center.  There are performances on 20 Feb, 21,23 Mar, 29-30 Apr, 1, 3 May, 10,11 June, 18,30 Jul, 19 Aug, 19 Sept, 12 Oct, 3,22 Nov and 4 Dec 2011.

Click on the image above for more details (in Japanese).

劇作家「J」は 映画監督を名乗る亡霊「K」と莫大な時間をかけて脚本を書いていた。

ストーリーを持たない数多くのイメージの断片から成ることに加え、上演に必要な役者の人数や 性別も、戯曲の中のどの部分が舞台上で実際に発されるべき台詞で、それがどの俳優によってなされるべきかも全く指示されていない。しかし難解である反面、詩的で清浄な世界観に魅入られて、世界中の演出家が舞台化し続けている戯曲でもある。

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis  Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis



Blasted in Paris, France

Sarah Kane Blasted - click for link

Blasted (in French) will be performed at the Théâtre de Nesle.

"Mise en scène Wally Bajeux, avec Pierre Scot, Charlotte Moulin, Noemie Martin, Syrus Shaidihi.  A partir du 9 Novembre 2011 au Théâtre de Nesle, tous les mercredis et jeudis soirs."

Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Pierre for the information.


Phaedra's Love in London

Phaedra Love - click for link

Phaedra's Love is coming to Arcola Theatre in London.  It is on from 28 Sept- 22 Oct 2011.  It is directed by Bronwen Carr.  Arcola previously did a magnificent Cleansed.  Click on the image above for more details.

Sarah Kane Phaedra's Love - click for source

"News. Another rape. Child murdered. War somewhere. Few thousand jobs gone. But none of this matters cause its a royal birthday."  Photo by Simon Kane fromhere.


Crave in Massachussetts, USA

Crave by Sarah Kane - click for link

The Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club present Crave on 30 Sept, 1-8 Oct 2-11.  The director is Nasir Husain and the producer is Danielle Drees.  The actors are Phil Gillen (A), Stewart Kramer (B), Mariel Pettee (C) and Emily Hyman (M).

"A creative mind is on the verge of collapse. Wrenched apart by unrequited love and unfulfilled longing, its four fragmented voices reverberate with trauma as they struggle to achieve harmony. A would-be mother. A recovering addict. An abused girl. A lovelorn pedophile. These wounded figures share a single life, devoted to the painstaking task of written expression. Sarah Kane's richly lyrical and vividly imagistic text is the story of their last breaths, their final furious attempts at articulation before inevitable, ultimate silence. Experimenting with theatrical form, Kane furthers her exploration of themes like obsessive desire and brutality in love by depicting the devastation they inflict on the internal landscape of a mind."

It is on at Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Click on the image for details.


Crave in Alaska, USA

Naked Stage  presents Crave in Fairbanks, Alaska.  It is on 16, 17, 23, 24 Sept 2011.

"Set in an unnamed city from which voices and images spring, Crave charts the disintegration of a human mind under the pressures of love, loss and desire."

Click here for more details.


Sarah Kane paper in Hungary

Nina Kane presents a paper on "Gender, Violence and the Political Significance of the Perimeter Fence in Sarah Kane's 'Cleansed' " at the Terror(ism) and Aesthetics Conference, University of Szeged in Hungary between 22- 24 Sept 2011.


4.48 Psychosis and discussion in Santa Monica, USA

4.48 Psychosis - click for link

City Garage present 4.48 Psychosis at the Track 16 Gallery in Bergamot Station.  It is on from 4 Aug- 9 Sept 2011.  On 26 Aug 2011 after the show there is an informal discussion with the show's cast and creators.

The director is Frédérique Michel, the production designer is Charles A. Duncombe and the actors are Justin Davanzo, Lena Kouyoumdjian, Cynthia Mance, Tim Orona, Kenneth Rudnicki and Ann Colby Stocking.

"Sarah Kane in her beautiful and haunting last work, takes us to the edge of the unknowable with painful clarity, wrestling with the aches that drive us to the brink of madness in our 21st century sickness.

What happens when a young woman's brain splinters into fragments and becomes a battlefield at war with itself? Counting backwards by sevens, a so-called test of sanity, she tries desperately to recover a world that is slipping rapidly through her fingers. In the end, she claws desperately to free herself from the nightmare"

Click on the image for more details.




Phaedra's Lust in Canada

Phaedra's Lust

Bound to Create Theatre present Phaedra’s Lust "A woman struck by an obsessive lust and passion for her son Hipploytus. Using texts by Seneca, Racine and Sarah Kane, this non-linear experimental physical theatre piece explores the inner workings of Phaedra’s mind at the moment she is struck with the instant passion that becomes her downfall."  It is directed by Jack Grinhaus and features Kaleb Alexander, Lauren Brotman, Andrew Loder & Jamie Maczko with original music by Romeo Candido.  It is on at the Adelaide Stairwell on 3 and 4 Sept 2011.

Click on the image for more details.


Crave in Washington, DC

Sarah Kane Crave - click for link

Crave will be performed on 12- 24 Jul 2011 at The Shop–at Fort Fringe in Washington, DC.  The actors are Elizabeth Hansen, Christopher Herring, Joey Long, and Mary Myers and the director is Jon Jon Johnson.  Click on the image for more details.

"Crave is an insight into the darker, more obsessive parts of romantic relationships. Told by a quartet of four voices in a fragmented, jarring style, Crave brings to life the most brutal parts of love in surprising, poetic clarity..."


4.48 Psychosis in Buxton, UK

Craft Theatre Company present 4.48 Psychosis as part of the Buxton Festival fringe.  It is on 7, 9, 10 Jul 2011at the Pauper's Pit.


Manque (Crave) in Paris, France

Sarah Kane Manque - click for link

Green Paradise in Paris present Manque from 28 May 2001.

Mise en Scène Colin Ducasse.  Avec Aloisia Gabat (M), Sophie Rausch (C), Harold M (B) et Colin Ducasse (A).

"Quatre personnages clament dans l'espace leurs désirs, leurs souffrances et leurs espoirs.
Quatre vies débarrassées du superflu, animées par la soif inaltérable et vitale de tout ce qui leur Manque. Pour devenir enfin eux-mêmes, entiers.
Quatre voix qui s'échappent et se cognent les unes aux autres, se répondent ou s'ignorent.
Quatre voix qui pourraient être la mienne.
Ou la vôtre."

Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Alex for the information.  The site contains video clips which will be regularly updated.


Crave in Houston, USA

Crave - click for the link

The Catastrophic Theatre presents Jason Nodler directing Crave.  It is on from 20 May- 4 Jun 4 2011.  Jason Nodler previously directed Phaedra's Love.

"What frightened me was the depth of [Kane's] horror and anguish. Everyone's aware, to varying degrees, of the cruelty of mankind, but we manage to compromise with it, put it on the shelf and not think about it for a good part of the day. But I don't think she could do that. I think she had a vision of the world that was extremely accurate, and therefore horrific. Because the world is a fucking awful place. It's a very beautiful place, but this species mankind is an absolute bloody disaster. The elements of sadism are astonishing. She wasn't simply observing mankind; she was part of it. It seems to me she was talking about the violence within herself, the hatred within herself, and the depths of misery that she also suffered."  Click on the image for more details.

Crave - click for the link



4.48 Psychosis in Tonbridge, UK

Students from K College present 4.48 Psychosis from 3-4 Jun 2011.  It is on at MAC, Tonbridge Campus.  Clickhere for more details.


Phaedra's Love in California, USA

Phaedras Love - click for link

CalArts present Phaedra's Love from 27 Apr- 3 May 2011.  It is on at the California Institute for the Arts, and the director is Marina McClure.

"Holistically fusing audience, performer and space, director Marina McClure creates a diseased world centered on Hippolytus, a prince poisoned by despondency. Savage, brutal and honest, Phaedra's Love seeks to broaden our understanding of humanity."

Click on the image for more details.


Crave in Athens, Georgia, USA

click for link

Crave is on from 25-27 Feb 2011 at the Athens Community Theater.  It is a Second Stage Production directed by Ashley Laramore.  Click on the image for more details.


Blasted in Philadelphia, USA

Blasted by Sarah Kane - click for link

Luna Theater Company presents Blasted.  It is on from 6- 27 Feb 2011 at the Adrienne Theater, Philadelphia.  The director is Gregory Campbell.  Click on the image for more details.

Blasted in Philadelphia  Blasted in Philadelphia



4.48 Psychosis in York, UK

4.48 Psychosis - click for link

The Takeover Company present 4:48 Psychosis from 15- 19 Mar 2011 at York Theatre Royal.  It is directed by Rhiannon Jackson.

"A powerful insight into the mind of one woman’s struggle with her inner conflicts; a deeply personal reflection of the writers
own psychological turmoil. "

Thanks to Martin for the information.  Click on the image for more details.



Phaedra's Love reading in Winthrop, USA

Phaedras Love - click for link

Winthrop students and Laura Dougherty, assistant professor of theatre, give a staged reading of Phaedra's Love.  It is on 23 Mar 2011 in the Johnson Studio Theatre.

"New territories are filled with the dangers and potential of the unknown," Dougherty noted. "For art, especially theatre, to function at its highest level, artists need the freedom to present their work, however controversial or difficult that work may be."

Click on the image for more details.


Sarah Kane talk in New York, USA

click for link

“Music, Language, Thought” is an on-going series of interdisciplinary events organized by the departments of Music and Comparative Literature at New York University.   On 4 Mar 2011 the topic is “Still: Sarah Kane After Beckett and Joy Division” by Martin Harries.  Click on the image for more details.


4.48 Psychosis in New York, USA

4.48 Psychosis New York- click for link

4.48 Psychosis is presented in New York by the Bread & Water Theatre.  It is on  18, 19, 25, 26 Feb and 4,5,6 Mar 2011.  The director is Lawrence Brewley and the actors are  Siobhan Fisher, Nancy Coons, Angela Prodrick and Kate O'Connor.

"4.48 Psychosis sees the ultimate narrowing of Sarah Kane's focus in her work. The struggle of the self to remain intact has moved in her work from civil war, into the family, into the couple, into the individual, and finally into the theatre of psychosis: the mind itself."

Click on the image for more details.


4.48 Psychosis at the Rhino Fest in Chicago, USA

4.48 Psychosis - click for linl

The actors are Kelly Anchors, Jayita Bhattacharya, Mike O'Brien, Cynthia Pelayo and  Jordan Scrivner.  The director is Beau O'Reilly with dramaturgy by Cynthia Pelayo and is presented by Curious Theatre.  It is on from 14 Jan- 12 Feb 2011.  Click on the image for more details.


Phaedra's Love in British Columbia, Canada

Bear Bones Theatre presents Phaedra's Love, directed by Andrew Lynch.  It is on from 4-6 Feb 2011 at the International House of the UBC Players Club.  Details arehere.


4.48 Psychosis in Wisconsin, USA

4.48 Psychosis - click for link
click on the photo for the source

Viterbo University student actors and dancers present 4:48 Psychosis from 3- 5 Feb 2001 in the Fine Arts Center La Croix Black Box Theatre.

The Viterbo Theatre Department chose to do this work as a collaborative piece between student actors and dancers, the chorographer, designers, and the directors. They present 4:48 Psychosis as a physical piece of theatre with movement and music.  The subject of suicide in the script helps to raise questions about suicide awareness and prevention, said Nikki Balsamo, choreographer.

A discussion with the performers will be held following the Feb. 4 performance.


Blasted in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Blasted in Rotterdam - click for link

Blasted in Dutch is on in Rotterdam.  It is on at the Rotterdamse Schouwberg from 19-20 Jan 2011.  The actors are Peter Blok, Eline ten Camp and Benja Bruijning.  The director is Thibaud Delpeut, translation and music are by Thibaud Delpeut.

Het weerzien van een cynische tabloidjournalist (Peter Blok) en een naïef jong meisje (Eline ten Camp) ontspoort in een nachtmerrie, de wereld buiten hun hotelkamer verandert in een oorlogsgebied – alsof het geweld buiten een afspiegeling is van het geweld binnen. Op zoek naar liefde en verlossing ontdekken ze de flinterdunne scheidslijn tussen menselijkheid en barbarij. Wat blijft over van onze beschaving als er oorlog uitbreekt? Regisseur Thibaud Delpeut werkte onder meer bij Toneelgroep Amsterdam en Het Nationale Toneel. Delpeut: “Ik denk dat voor theater een belangrijke functie is weggelegd als intellectueel spookhuis. Weinig hedendaagse toneelstukken raken ons zo hard en diep als Blasted. Uiteindelijk draait het stuk om de heftige pogingen van de personages om tot liefde te komen. Blasted schetst een afgrond waarin je kunt turen, waarna je een stap terug doet en zegt: daar gaan we niet heen. Ik geloof dat het werk van Sarah Kane thuis hoort tussen Ibsen, Beckett, Brecht en Büchner. Ze is een van de grote toneelvernieuwers.”

Click on image for more details.

The full tour is:
-  6 Jan 2011
-  7 Jan 2011 Harmonie Leeuwarden
-  8 Jan 2011 LUX Nijmegen
- 11, 12 Jan Spui Den Haag
- 13, 14 Jan 2011 Kikker Utrecht
- 15 Jan 2011 Theater De Lieve Vrouw
- 18 Jan 2011 Ainsi Maastricht
- 19, 20 Jan 2011 Rotterdamse Schouwburg
- 21 Jan 2011 Lak Leiden
- 22 Jan 2011 SB Arnhem
- 27-30 Jan 2011 Bellevue Amsterdam
- 31 Jan 2011 Kruithuis Groningen
-  3 Feb 2011 Chassé
-  4, 5 Feb 2011 Verkadefabriek Den Bosch
-  6 Feb 2011 Toneelschuur


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