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Steven Berkoff film early 2000s



A lot of dross, with Berkoff being used to add a star name to poor films.  Often he is acting for one to two days only.  Charlie shows some good acting by Berkoff (though the film is bad), the rest is go-through-the-motions stuff.

Rancid Aluminium Rancid Aluminium

A British comedy with two British business men trying to raise money from the Russian Mafia. Berkoff plays the Russian Mafia boss, Mr. Kant, described in the novel with "the way there was no gap between his desire and his actions, the sheer beautiful sight, of someone doing exactly what they wanted when they wanted".  The first part of the film is quite funny and Berkoff is very good speaking only Russian. The film becomes boring and Berkoff cannot sustain the Russian and switches to English.  Directed by Edward Thomas in 2000.

Berkoff in Rancid Aluminium


Beginners Luck Beginner's Luck

A group of actors stage The Tempest.   Directed by Nick Cohen and James Callis in 2001, their first film.  A funny film, though it tails off a bit.  The actors look for a venue.  Berkoff plays the owner of a strip club and he wants some culture downstairs and strippers upstairs.  The directors say "you don't really direct [Berkoff] as such.  He's a bundle of contradictions; one minute he's incredibly sweet and sensitive, the next he's biting your head off over nothing." (from Hotdog).

   Steven Berkoff in Beginners Luck   Steven Berkoff in Beginners Luck



Bokshu The Myth Bokshu The Myth

Bokshu: The Myth based on the Hindi novel Mriganthak.  2004.  The director is Shyamaprasad: "The film is set in a village called Jaled, somewhere in the Himalayan valley. Two American anthropologists (Heather Prete and David Millbern), come to Jaled in search of their lost professor (Steven Berkoff). The film captures the adventures they encounter, as they meet the high priest of a temple ( Irfan Khan) and his beautiful assistant (Nandana Sen). The story eventually moves to its fantastic climax as the myth of Bokshu is revealed."


Steal Steal
also called Riders

Steven Dorff stars and Gérard Pirès directs.  A troubled film with a number of directors initially involved, and a number of titles (Heist, Hei$t, Riders, $teal, 2-11).  Berkoff appears as a new-born preacher telling children of religion.  But he is also a hit man.  A gang of intellectuals carries out robberies, escaping from one on skates and another underwater.  But when they get a secret hoard of bonds worth $20 million, the mob becomes involved use Berkoff to find the thieves.  A good action film from 2002.

Berkoff in Steal   Berkoff in Steal



Nine Dead Gay Guys Nine Dead Gay Guys

A coming-out comedy/mystery film.  Berkoff is good as the gay queen- his entrance is spectacular.  Fish from Marillion appears, along with various newcomers to film.  The film had people walking out during the gay sex scenes when it was shown at Cannes.  Hard to understand why, I would expect they would fall asleep watching the film.  Written and directed by Lab Ky Mo in 2002.  It was Mo's first film.

Steven Berkoff in Nine Dead Gay Guys




Headrush Headrush

Berkoff acting the uncle, a villain of course, in a black comedy filmed in Ireland.  Directed by Shimmy Markus in 2004 and starring Wuzza Conlon and B.P.Fallon.  The film alternates between nitty-gritty Ireland, to the weird, like a reject from a 1970s hippy film.




Berkoff acts with an Irish accent.  He says "Well I play a rather eccentric character – who’s a kind of Glaswegian villain, living in Ireland, and he’s in the drug trade. And he has this nephew, who was a bit of an innocent, what do you call him? I don’t know... the prodigal son, and he’s got into a little bit of villainy and he thinks he’ll use his uncle to get into some quick money. So he comes to see his uncle, but his uncle is this lunatic, and they don’t realise what they’re letting themselves in for. So basically it’s a kind of an action caper, where I’m playing this guy called ‘Uncle’ who’s a bit of a kind of lad, you know". 

Steven Berkoff in Headrush

Steven Berkoff in Headrush

Steven Berkoff in Headrush

Berkoff, possibly how he felt when he read the script.


Steven Berkoff Headrush

Flashy expensive opening credits which don't really match the mood of the film.  Best name from the closing credits, production advisor Joost van Voorst van Beest.


Action Man: Robot Atak

Berkoff Robot Atak

Steven Berkoff does the voiceover for cartoon character Dr. X in the Action Man episode Robot Atak!.  Action Man (voiced by Oliver Milburn) has been framed and is wanted as an outlaw.  He has to find out who framed him.  Part of the plot against him is No-Face voiced by Pierre Maubouce- he works on voiceovers and dubbing films into French, including Legionnaire which featured Berkoff.

Action Man Atak No-Face

No-Face is recreating the body of Action Man's nemesis Dr. X (with Berkoff's voice).  Berkoff has lines like "All in good time muy trusty minion".  The weapons of Dr. X include a shoulder held flame thrower and an acetylene torch both of which could be handy if he ever needs to some DIY about the house.

Dr X in Action Man Atak

Of course Dr. X wanats to desroy the world and Action Man has to track him down...

Action Man Robot Atak

... but it is not too hard to work out which island Dr. X has his base.

Action Man Robot Atak

On the way Action Man rescues the gorilla Kongo who was being experimented on, and later Kongo saves Action Man's life.

Action Man Robot Atak Kongo

Obviously for children, but it does seem a bit predictable.  Beter would be film of Berkoff doing the voiceover including grunts and groans in the fight sequence.

Steven Berkoff Action Man Robot Atak

All images from the DVD.





Charlie Charlie

A film about London gangster Charlie Richardson who operated in London at the same time as the Kray twins.  Luke Goss of pop group Bros stars as Charlie and Berkoff plays his father.  Luke Goss is fine but not exceptional, and the film suffers from comparisons with The Krays, in which Berkoff also appears.  This time Berkoff is soft-spoken and gives a good performance different from his usual henchman role.

 Charlie Steven Berkoff   Charlie Steven Berkoff

The real Charlie Richardson make a cameo appearance.  Directed by Malcolm Needs in 2003.  The direction is at times pretentious and dated, with poor spilt screen images.

Charlie Richardson


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