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Steven Berkoff film 1990s

In the 1990s Berkoff took the money and ran.  A series of poor roles in disappointing films.

Steven Berkoff - The Krays - Title

The Krays.  Rock stars (Spandau Ballet) playing gangsters with Steven Berkoff to boost up the acting.  Berkoff lived alongside the real-life Krays "they were always immaculately turned out in dark suits and ties. There was something awfully macabre about these strange beasts, since their power over people was more than just the threat of violence".  Berkoff tries to talk his way out as the gun is pointed to his head.  Directed by Peter Medak in 1990.  Berkoff would later work with Medak on an Agatha Christie television story By the Pricking of my Thumbs.

Steven Berkoff in The Krays

Steven Berkoff - The Krays - Credit

All images from the film.

Steven Berkoff - Fair Game - title

Fair Game with Cindy Crawford is a civil lawyer trying to repossess a boat. Unfortunately it is the boat of renegade KGB agents headed by Berkoff.  A reasonable action hi-tech thriller with Berkoff in good form as a Hollywood Russian.  Berkoff says that he rewrote his own dialogue, but these takes were not used. The one-dimensional result, with Berkoff as totally ruthless, is not too bad.  Directed by Andrew Sipes in 1995.

Steven Berkoff - Fair Game  credit

All images from the film.

Flynn Flynn
also called My Forgotten Man

About Hollywood actor Errol Flynn. The film treats his life, up to his first film, as if it is a Flynn action film, but lacks irony or real adventure.  Guy Pearce of Memonto stars.  Berkoff is quite good as a German in the jungle who alternately befriends and cheats Flynn.  Directed by Frank Howson in 1996.

Flynn Gary Pearce Steven Berkoff   Flynn Berkoff

Another 9 1/2 weeks Another 9 1/2 weeks

Another 9 1/2 weeks, just what the world was waiting for. Cheap, pretentious soft porn- so unlike most sequels it is faithful to the original.  Mickey Rourke demonstrates how the talent shown in Rumble Fish has disappeared.  Berkoff is quite good as a fashion designer, camp but surrounded by girls "I'll even take her to the theatre". And the music is good, especially Substrate's slow version of Roxy Music's Love is the Drug.  Directed by Anne Goursaud in 1997. Best name from the credits: Construction Co-ordinator Fritz Hollergschwandtner.

Berkoff in Another 9 1/2 Weeks

Legionnaire directed by Peter MacDonald in 1998 and set in Marseille and Morocco in 1925.  Jean-Claude van Damme was co-writer, with cinematography by Douglas Milsome.

Van Damme plays a boxer who refuses to take a dive. This annoys the mob and when trying to escape he kills the mobster's brother, so van Damme has to disappear and joins the French Foreign Legion.

Berkoff plays Sergeant Steinkamf, charged with bringing the newcomers up to standard, but his role is not really convincing, with not enough menace or character. So when Berkoff is killed by hordes of Arabs, no-one really cares either way.


The film is very slow with little of interest, though the final fight sequence is quite good.

"Legionnaire, with a budget of $35m, was in 1998 thought to be the most expensive film ever to go straight to video" (Alex von Tunzelmann, The Guardian, 25 Feb 2010 click here).

Best part of the film is the music in the final credits, Ute Lemper singing Mon Legionnaire.

All images from the DVD of the film.

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