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Sarah Kane Dutch 4.48 Psychosis 4.48 Psychosis







  The least liked Sarah Kane plays

Sarah Kane Phaedra's Love

Phaedra's Love






  The best scene

Sarah Kane Crave

The dream about the doctor giving her eight minutes to live, after she'd been waiting for half an hour in the waiting room (from 4.48 Psychosis)

Doctor this and doctor that who was just passing and thought he would pop in and take the piss as well (4.48 Psychosis)

The end of 4.48 as the curtains were opened--pure shock

A's monologue in Crave

Always thought that the world didn' t smell fresh paint and flowers (Phaedra' s Love)

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  Likes or dislikes

4.48 Psychosis

Striking, compassionate, moving and funny believe it or not!

The impossibility of staging Phaedra with true justice

You can feel the characters suffering in your own flesh

I have never had a reading experience similar to Crave. When I read it for the first time I had no clue what it was actually about, so I read it another six times finding new aspects every time.

Because although her work is excruciatingly painful to read and watch, it is also beautiful and truthful at the same time

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  Influences (NEW)

Edward Bond Saved

Influence on Sarah Kane

  • Caryl Churchill, Thyestes and Phaedra's Love

  • Edward Bond and Saved

Influenced by Sarah Kane

  • Caryl Churchill

  • Debbie Tucker Green

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