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Ken Russell Easy Quiz


Quiz yourself on Ken's films, his actors, his television etc.

An easy quiz.  The blue boxes give the answers- place cursor above box, don´t click just hold it there. This doesn´t work for everyone, so you can also click here for the answers

Which film got an Oscar for the best actress

Women in Love with Glenda Jackson

What is the title of Ken's television film about Delius

Song of Summer

Name one of Ken's films based on works by D.H. Lawrence

Women in Love, The Rainbow, the television series Lady Chatterley

Name a film with both Glenda Jackson and Oliver Reed

Women in Love

Which film has no dialogue

Tommy.  All the dialogue, apart from one word, is sung

Which film did Roger Daltry of The Who do with Russell after Tommy


Who sings in Ken's pop video Nikita

Elton John

Name one of Ken's American films

Altered States, Crimes of Passion, Trapped Ashes, Whore, and Dogboys for American television

Who played The Acid Queen in Tommy

Tina Turner.  The original choice was Tiny Tim

What is the title of Ken's autobiography

A British Picture.  In America it is called Altered States

How old was Ken when he died

84.  He died on 27 Nov 2011

What science fiction film has Ken done

Altered States

Name a film about staging a play

The Boyfriend, Salome´s Last Dance

Nureyev the dancer acts in which film


In Tommy who do the people in the church worship

Marilyn Monroe

Name a film without nuns, priests or crucifixions

Billion Dollar Brain, The Boyfriend, Valentino, Whore

What are Ken's horror films

The Lair of the White Worm, The Fall of the Louse of Usher, Trapped Ashes

Who plays Tchaikovsky in The Music Lovers

Richard Chamberlain.  He was attempting to get away from his Dr Kildare image



Less than 5 you are very fortunate, you have a lot of Ken Russell films still to see
6-15 pretty good
>15 click here to on to the advanced questions


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