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Some of the themes which run through the work of Ken Russell.

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click for Ken Russell Catholicism Catholicism

Russell's deep Catholicism can be seen in his films, ranging from the devotion of the early amateur films, to the testing of the faith in films like The Devils, and finally the mocking of the trappings of organised religion.

click for Ken Russell sexuality Sexuality

On Ebay the film Savage Messiah was advertised as Russell's film about kinky sex.  Another weak critic who hasn't actually seen the film. In fact it is about unconsummated love, a common theme in his work.

click for Ken Russell elements The elements

A very visual filmmaker, Russell uses the elements- air, fire, water, earth- to the full.

click for Ken Russell- Freud, childhood and decay Freud, childhood, decay

Dreams, piles of dead bodies, Nazis, cripples. All signs of an active schoolboy imagination at work.

click for Ken Russell recycling Recycling

Many favourite images are reused in various films.


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