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Ken Russell chronology


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others Russell                                                                     
Melies- click for source
Voyage to the Moon, Georges Melies
  1911 The Lair of the White Worm, Bram Stoker, novel
Ronald Reagan born
  1914 First World War
Orson Welles born
birth of a nation- click for source
Birth of a Nation, D.W. Griffith
1915 The Rainbow, D.H. Lawrence, novel
  1916 Women in Love, D.H. Lawrence, novel
  1917 John F. Kennedy born USA
  1918 First World War ends
  1922 james joyce- click for source
Ulysses by James Joyce, novel
BBC founded (radio)
Siegfried, Fritz Lang 1924 Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka dies
  1925 Margaret Roberts (Thatcher) born
metropolis- click for source
Metropolis, Fritz Lang
jazz singer- click for source
The Jazz Singer, Alan Crosland
1927 Ken Russell born
Stanley Kubrick born 1928 Lady Chatterley´s Lover, D.H. Lawrence, novel
  1929 BBC experiments with television
  1930 d.h. lawrence- click for source
D.H. Lawrence dies
M, Fritz Lang
Frankenstein, James Whale
Richard Lester born 1932  
Bride of Frankenstein, James Whale 1935  
Glenda Jackson born 1936  
Oliver Reed born
Georges Melies dies
Melvyn Bragg born 1939  
Citizen Kane, Orson Welles 1941  
Derek Jarman born 1942  
  1945 Second World War in Europe over
Cocteau- Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast by Jean Cocteau
1946 Second World War in Asia over
D.W. Griffith dies 1948  
cocteau orpheus- click for source
Orpheus by Jean Cocteau
1949 Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell, novel
  1954 The Boyfriend Sandy Wilson- click for source
The Boyfriend, Sandy Wilson (stage musical)
Richard III by Laurence Olivier 1955 BBC experiments with colour television
Independent television in Great Britain|
in competition with the BBC
  1956 Peepshow, amateur film
Marries Shirley Kingdom
James Whale dies 1957 Knights on Bikes, amateur film
  1958 Amelia and the Angel, amateur film
Lourdes, amateur film
  1959 Poet´s London, television
Gordon Jacob, television
Guitar Crazy, television
Variations on a Mechanical Theme, television
Two Painters, television
Portrait of a Goon, television
  1960 Marie Rambert Remembers, television
Architecture of Entertainment, television
Cranks at Work, television
The Miners´ Picnic, television
Shelagh Delayey´s Salford, television
A House in Bayswater, television
The Light Fantastic, television
  1961 London Moods, television
The Light Fantastic, television
Antonio Gaudi, television
Lotte Lenya Sings Kurt Weill, television
Old Battersea House, television
Portrait of a Soviet Composer, television
Dr. No, Terence Young 1962 Pop Goes the Easel, television
Preservation Man, television
Mr Chesher´s Traction Engines, television
Elgar, television
Summer Holiday, Peter Yates
French Dressing
Jean Cocteau dies
1963 Watch the Birdie, television
John F. Kennedy- click for source
John F. Kennedy assassinated USA
A Hard Day´s Night, Richard Lester 1964 Lonely Shore, television
Bartok, television
The Dotty World of James Lloyd, television
Diary of a Nobody, television
  1965 The Debussy Film, television
Always on Sunday, television
Don´t Shoot the Composer, television

War Game, Peter Watkins, banned on BBC
  1966 Isadora Duncan, television
Cathy Come Home- click for source
Cathy Come Home, Ken Loach
Billion Dollar Brain, Len Deighton, novel
Billion Dollar Brain 1967 Dante´s Inferno, television
  1968 Song of Summer, television
Women in Love 1969  
M*A*S*H, Robert Altman 1970 The Dance of the Seven Veils, television
Stanley Kubrick- click for source
A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick
The Music Lovers
The Devils
The Boyfriend
Savage Messiah 1972  
The Exorcist, William Friedkin
Wicker Man- click for source
The Wicker Man, Robin Hardy
1975 Pol Pot regime and the killing Fields in Cambodia
Fritz Lang dies
Jarman Sebastianne- click for source
Sebastiane, Derek Jarman
Valentino 1977 Stephen Biko dies
  1978 Melvyn Bragg´s South Bank Show starts (television)
William and Dorothy, television
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, television
Divorce of Shirley Kingdom
  1979 Margaret Thatcher elected prime minister, Great Britain
Altered States 1980  
  1981 Ronald Reagan elected President, USA
  1982 The Rake´s Progress (opera)
Die Soldaten (opera)

Falklands War
General Belgrano sunk
  1983 The Planets, television
Madame Butterfly (opera)
Marries Vivian Jolley
Crimes of Passion 1984 Italian Girl in Tangiers (opera)
Orson Welles dies 1985 La Bohema (opera)
Faust (opera)
Gothic 1986 Vaughan Williams, television
Aria (short) 1987  
The Lair of the White Worm
Salome´s Last Dance
1988 A British Picture, television
She´s so Beautiful. Cliff Richard video
The Rainbow 1989 Mefistofeles (opera)
The Russia House (acting role) 1990 The Strange Affliction of Anton Bruckner, television
Stories of Seduction

Nelson Mandela- click for source
Nelson Mandela released from prison
Whore 1991 Prisoners of Honor
Citizen Kane: A Critical Analysis
(Ken appears but does not direct)
Divorce of Vivian Jolley
  1992 The Secret Life of Sir Arnold Bax, television
Princess Ida (opera)
Marries Hetty Baynes
  1993 The Mystery of Dr Martinu, television
Lady Chatterley, television
Derek Jarman dies 1994  
Mindbender 1995 Classic Widows, television
Alice in Russialand, television
Treasure Island, television
Empire of the Censors
(Ken appears but does not direct), television
I Camcorder
(Ken appears but does not direct), television
Death of Scriabin (radio)
  1996 Tales of Erotica
A History of British Art
(Ken appears but does not direct), television
  1997 In Search of the English Folk Song, television
Oliver Reed dies 1999  
  2000 Weil and Lenya (theatre)
Lion´s Mouth (short) 2001 Marries Lisi Tribble
The Fall of the Louse of Usher 2002 Brighton Belles, television
Elgar 2, television
  2003 Brahms Gets Laid (novel)
Revenge of the Elephant Man (short)
The Devils uncut premiere
The Murder of Mata Hari
2004 Colour me Kubrick (Ken acts but does not direct), film
  2005 Edmund Dane (Ken does the voiceover but does not direct), film
Trapped Ashes 2006 Ken's house destroyed by fire
The Moving Finger (Ken acts but does not direct), television
Brothers of the Head (Ken acts but does not direct), film
Kitten for Hitler 2007 Ken appears on 24 hour television reality show Celebrity Big Brother
Major British Film Institute retrospective of early television work
Boudica Bites Back 2008