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Zakes Moakae


Dust Devil- click for link

Part of Dust Devil in Italian.  Just under 10 minutes.

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La Vegas Review Journal

Mokae on singer Gladys Knight "It's the way she handles a tune, some people rush into a tune, she takes her time."

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A Reminiscence by Charles Lee
Mokae and the Annenberg Centre.

Includes a cartoon of Mokae by Al Hirschfeld.

click for link The South African Development Fund.

The South Africa Development Fund is a charitable foundation committed to social change in South Africa. It works with community-based organizations to provide financial and technical support to communities disadvantaged by decades of apartheid policies.

Mokae is a member of the US Advisory Board.


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An overview

One of South Africa's most famous black actors, Mokae's quiet strength, charm and resilient good humor have animated the searing theatrical productions (The Blood Knot, Boesman and Lena) of his white countryman, Athol Fugard with whom he founded the radical theater group, the Rehearsal Room in the 1950s.


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An overview based on Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

After essaying the politically volatile role of Father Kani in Cry Freedom (1987), Zakes Mokae found it necessary to move to America permanently.


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The Fugard archive at Indiana University, including some Mokae items.

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Judging a beauty contest (link has gone)
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Mokae's astrological analysis, in French.

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An Athol Fugard site

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