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1995 Blasted

Blasted shook Londonīs theatre world with critics unable to handle its violence and energy ("a disgusting piece of filth").

James Macdonald, the producer, says "a short run meant Blasted was seen by not many more than 1,000 people, making it perhaps the least seen and most talked-about play in recent memory. Meanwhile, lying low in Brixton, Sarah received a surprise delivery at 3pm one afternoon. A fan letter from Harold Pinter. Had he popped down to deliver it himself, she wondered, or was it a lackey in shades and gloves".

In the bedroom of a hotel room Ian, an obnoxious businessman, has Cate for the night. She is down-to-earth and unused to luxury. Then the soldier enters. The hotel is in a Bosnian Leeds and the events that follow reflect the pain and suffering that Bosnia endured. Kane uses the viewpoints of both oppressor and victim.

Death. Not being/ you fall asleep then you wake up His motherīs a lesbos, am I not preferable to that/ perhaps sheīs a nice person Give us a cig/ why?/ Cause I got a gun and you havenīt No God/ Got to be something/ Why?/ Doesnīt make sense otherwise/ Doesnīt make sense anyway

Blasted premiered at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, London on 12 January 1995. Directed by James Macdonald with Pip Donaghy as Ian, Kate Ashfield as Cate and Dermot Kerrigan as the soldier.  A previous version, from 1993, covered the first half of the final version and had a student performance.  Kane says "acts of violence simply happen in life, they don't have a dramatic build-up and they are horrible.  That is how it is in the play".  Compare the criticism of the play with criticism of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler "a bad escape of moral sewage-gas... the foulest passions of humanity" (quoted in the introduction, Ibsen Plays Two, Metheun).

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