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An archive of the 2007 Hot News



Crave at the Edinburgh Festival

Little Agitations perform Crave in C Cubed at the Edinburgh Festival,  It is on from 2- 27 Aug 2007.



4.48 Psychosis in Kansas, USA

Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas is producing 4:48 Psychosis.  Performances will be on 15, 16, 22, 23, 24 Jun 2007. The production will be revived on 6, 7, 8, 9 Sept 2007.  Thanks to Sharon for the information.



4.48 Psychosis in Australia

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Photo Jodie Hutchinson

Red Stitch Actors Theatre presented 4:48 Psychosis.  The actors were Richard Bligh, Tom Davies, Suzette Williams, Olivia Connolly.   The director was Alyson Campbell.  It was at the Red Stitch Actors Theatre, St Kilda East from 27 Jul– 25 Aug 2007.

"Four actors (Red Stitch ensemble member Olivia Connolly with guest actors, Richard Bligh, Tom Davies and Suzette Williams) tackle the words and mixed emotions as a chorus of sorts, a fragmented chorus bearing down deftly on the fragmented poetry within the play. The ensemble delivers a resounding and playful array of voices foregrounding the rhythm of words, their meter, alliteration, lyricism and elegiac tone. It is this predisposition to poetic, rather than emotive interpolation or expressive angst that serves Campbell’s direction well. Actors fluctuate between stylization, naturalism and expressive Jacobean voices (which Kane admired) threading agony and ecstasy into a sublime tapestry of discontent. It is simultaneously challenging, confronting and awesome.

In one of many standout scenes, the actors shuffle like a slapstick chorus line citing in sing songy fashion the ebbs and flows of a life beset by chemical cocktails of prescriptive medicine, debilitating exasperating side effects, and the inevitable, a penultimate will to suicide.

4:48 is uttered earnestly by each actor throughout the play; it interrupts the unrelenting darkness of depression, like an interval, mystical almost. 4:48 we learn is the cursory time when sanity resides, in the quietude of early morning as first light unfurls. It is this motif for redemption, albeit fleeting, that tends to linger. Kane’s metaphor lends us to nature’s greatest cycle, night and day. Maybe Kane is reminding us that golden daylight surely follows the long dark night of the soul. Memorable, nuanced performances. Must see for newcomers to Kane and Kane aficionados alike."



Crave in Brighton, UK

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Crave is being performed at the Sussex Arts Club, Brighton on 28-29 Aug 2007.  Directed by Johanna Rosenfeld and produced by Paula Reid.  Click on the image for details of the venue (though the play isn't mentioned there yet).



4.48 Psychosis in Hollywood, USA

4.48 Psychosis

Minor Construction present 4.48 Psychosis is on at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood from 6- 22 Jul 2007.  The producer is Tim McNeil.  The actors are Alex Aves and Will Hawkes.  Thanks to Allan for the information and photos.



4.48 Psychosis in San Francisco, USA

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One4alltheater, an experimental asian american theater company, present 4.48 Psychosis in San Francisco at the Thick House.  It is on from 14-24 Jun 2007.  The director is Christopher Chen.

Click on the image for more information  Thanks to Christopher for the information.



Phaedra's Love in The Netherlands

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Het Nationale Toneel present a national tour of Phaedra's Love in The Netherlands.  The director is Susanne Kennedy and the actors are Marie-Louise Stheins, Hans Ligtvoet, Merijn de Jong, Annelien van Binsbergen, Flip Filz and Ben Ramakers.  The translation is by Oscar van Woensel, scenery by Lena Müller, costumes Katrin Bombe and music Richard Janssen.

"De 28-jarige Britse schrijfster Sarah Kane liet na haar dood een klein maar confronterend oeuvre achter: Blasted, Phaedra’s Love, Cleansed, Crave en 4.48 Psychosis. Haar werk kenmerkt zich door de extreme mate van fysiek en verbaal geweld tussen mensen. Op bondige en poëtische wijze biedt ze een inkijk in de donkere kanten van de menselijke natuur. In de voetsporen van Euripides, Seneca, Racine, Vondel en Claus schreef Kane haar eigenzinnige, ontregelende, eind 20 eeeuwse Phaedra-versie".

Phaedra's Love Sarah Kane   Phaedra's Love Sarah Kane

Sarah Kane Phaedra's Love
Fotograaf: © Deen van Meer

17-25, 31 Jan and 1-3 Feb 2007 Theater aan de Haven, Den Haag
26 Jan 2007 Schouwburg, Arnhem
5 Feb 2007 Het Kruithuis, Groningen
6 Feb 2007 Schouwburg Ogterop, Meppel
8 Feb 2007 Toneelschuur Haarlem
10 Feb 2007 Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
15 Feb 2007 Theater Concordia, Enschede
22-24 Feb Bellevue, Amsterdam
1 Mar 2007 Theater aan de Parade, Den Bosch
3 Mar 2007 Lux Theater, Nijmegen
8 Mar 2007 Witte Theater, IJmuiden
14-17 Mar Theater aan de Haven, Den Haag

Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Susanne for the information.



Crave in Melbourne, Australia

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Mandy Lee directs Crave in Melbourne as part of the La Trobe Moat Festival.  It is on 2-7 Mar 2007 at the Odeon, Union Building.

Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Mandy Lee for the information.



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