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Sarah Kane Sarah Kancold news 2003-1


An archive of the 2003 Hot News



Crave and Phaedra's Love in Berlin, Germany

Crave and Phaedra's love are playing at the Schaubuhne am Lehniner Platz in Berlin throughout summer 2003.

This follows their sold-out 4:48 Psychosis in spring.



Crave in Canada

Les productions temenos presents Crave from 4-22 Nov 2003 at the Studio Theatre of the Monument National, 1182 St-Laurent, Box office: 871-2224.

"The tenderest of Sarah Kane’s plays, a poetic piece for four voices about love, violence and death".

La plus tendre des pièces de Sarah Kane, une œuvre poétique pour quatre voix à propos de l’amour, la violence et la mort.

Directed by Kate Bligh.  Cast: Lucas Fehr, Carmen Grant, Sadia Mahmood, John Mounsteven. Original music by John Phillips & Tomas Phillips Stage Manager: Emily Newell.

Thanks to Elaine for the information.



Crave in Portugal

The theater company Artistas Unidos (United Artists) have brought Blasted, Crave and recently 4.48 Psychosis to Portugal. Their Crave (Falta) will be revived shortly. Details when available.

Thanks to Sandra and Pilar  for the info.



04.48 Psychosis in Kvart, Norway

The Student Theatre Immaturus (in Bergen) presents : "04.48 Psychosis" at Kvarteret, from 11-18 Oct 2003.

The  cast is:
Marte Solbakken as the girl.  Her inner voices who is representing her different feelings:
Love: Ann Cristin Jensen
Hope: Frida Forland
Aggression: Tordis Tverfjell
Suicide: Ingrid Gauden

The doctor: Lars Martin Kindingstad
The Mother/friend Ida Hevrøy
Nurses: Lone Lægereid and Trond Strand

The directors are: Gunhild Solhaug and Helene Aakvaag.  Design and Lighting Design: Trygve Trohaug, production Manager: Therese Karlson.



4.48 Psicosis (Spanish production)

Teatro del Astillero presenta en Cuarta Pared 4.48 Psicosis de la inglesa Sarah Kane y Ganas de Matar en la Punta de la Lengua del francés Xavier Durringuer Ambas obras forman parte de un díptico que pretende abordar dos muestras de la reciente dramaturgia europea a través de dos de sus autores más representativos.

La propuesta de estos dos montajes parte de un discurso común: la desazón, el desasosiego de una parte amplia de la sociedad contemporánea, que más allá de su estrato social, no encuentra en el entorno de sus vidas los suficientes alicientes para, incluso, querer vivir. Por eso, la forma ideal de presentarlos al público es como en aquellos viejos cines de sesión continua. Una función por la tarde y otra por la noche.

Compañía: Teatro el Astillero
Dirección: Guillermo Heras
Estreno el miércoles 2 de octubre.  Hasta el 27 de octubre

Ganas de matar en la punta de la lengua
De Xavier Durringer
Traducción: Fernando Gómez-Grande
Compañía: Teatro del Astillero
Dirección: Guillermo Heras



Phaedra´s Love at Yale, USA

Sarah Kane- Phaedra Love- click for link

There is a production of Phaedra's Love at Yale University from 16-18 Oct 2003.

The director is Kara-Lynn Vaeni.

Click on the image for more details.



Crave in London

click for link

Crave is on at BAC in London from 2-4 Oct 2003.  Its by Liquid Theatre.

“Four actors struggle to make love stories work. They’re in a crazy world where memories are pulled out at random… their search has a logic like channel-hopping, where each channel is a different room with a different story.” Matt Peover, director, Liquid Theatre.

Click on the image for details.



Blasted in Australia

Sarah Kane Blasted- click for link Blasted will be at the New Theatre, Sydney, Australia from 12- 21 September 2003.

The cast is Ian (David Ritchie), Cate (Janet Chiarabaglio) and Soldier (David Scott).

The director is Luke Rogers, the designer is Emma Child, Lighting Design is by Tony Youlden and the Production Manager is Rachel Wills.

New Theatre is the oldest theatre in continuous production in Australia, and in 2002 celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Click in the link for more details.  Thanks to Luke for the information.



4.48 Psychosis, Crave and Cleansed at the Edinburgh Festival, UK

Aireborn Theatra are performing 4.48 Psychosis at the Smirnoff Underbelly venue from 31 Jul to 24 Aug.

Androgynous productions perform Cleansed at C Central between 1-24 Aug 2003.

King Alfred´s College Winchester perform Crave at the Gateway Theatre between 4-23 Aug 2003.



4.48 Psychosis in Tokyo, Japan

The  Daisan Erotica troupe in Japan will play 4:48 Psychosis in Tokyo.  Its on at the Sai Studio Oyama in Tokyo, Japan from 24- 31 August 2003.

The director is Takeshi Kawamura, the  translator is Takehiko Tanioka and the actors are members of Daisan Erotica.

Thanks to Yuri Hori for the information.



Cleansed in Poland

Site visitor Wieslaw says "Sarah Kane's Cleansed is now being played all around Poland. Yesterday I saw it in Wroclaw. It was my first contact with her play and an amazing experience" (thanks Wieslaw).



Crave and Phaedra's Love back in Spain

Sarah Kane Crave

Sarah Kane Crave

The highly successful Spanish Crave is coming back to the Teatro Pradillo in Madrid in the summer for a longer (2-3 month) run. This run will be followed by a tour of the all the major cities in Spain.

It opens on 3 Oct 2002.  Phaedra's Love will run in parallel, and opens the same day.

The translation of the play will also be published very shortly. 

Thanks to Emanuel for the info.



Cleansed in Montréal, Canada

Sarah Kane Cleansed- click for link

Cleansed in in Montréal Québec, at the Festival de théâtre des Amériques, Desjardins.

It is directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski who also translated the work into Polish together with Jacek Poniedzialek.

The cast are Mariusz Bonaszewski, Malgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik, Redbad Klyntra, Stanislawa Celinska, Jacek Poniendzialek, Thomas Schweiberer, Tomasz Tyndyk, Renate Jett and musician Fabien Wlodarek.

Click on the image for more details.



Crave in Washington DC, USA

click for link

Crave will be produced by the Potomac Theatre Project, a 17 year old company producing as the alternative theatre in residence at the Olney Theatre Center outside Washington, D.C.  Its on from 18 Jul- 10 Aug 2003.  The director is Cheryl Faraone.  This will be the area premiere of any of Kane's plays.

The production is part of the Potomac Theatre Festival, which also includes Pinter's No Man's Land, Pam Gems' Piaf, and a new adaptation of the Frankenstein story, by Neal Bell, entitled Monster.



Phaedra´s Love in NY State, USA

Sarah Kane Phaedras Love- click for link

The Objective presents Phaedra’s Love from 13-22 July 2003.

The actors are Brewster McCall (Hippolytus), Eliza Lay (Phaedra), Meghan Kane (Strophe), Charlie Alexander (Theseus), Jon Levy (Priest), with Michael Frishman, Valerie Issembert, Kristen Lucero, Morgan Sobel, and Samantha Wasserman. James Weinman serves as Production Stage Manager for Director Jonathan Whitton.

Click on the image left for details.

Sarah Kane Phaedras Love- click for link

"The Objective is a recently formed theatre ensemble of directors, actors, and designers born out of the Skidmore College Theater Department who are committed to stretching the vocabulary of contemporary theater. It is an ensemble dedicated primarily to the examination of catastrophe within contemporary culture".

Sarah Kane Phaedras Love

It's on at Caffè Lena, 47 Phila Street, Saratoga Springs, New York.  Thanks to Jonathan for the information.



4.48 Psychose in Linz, Austria

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychose- click for link

4.48 Psychose (4.48 Psychosis) is on at the Landestheater, Linz in Austria.  It is performed on various dates between 16 May and 14 June 2003.

The cast are Bettina Buchholz, Marianne Hamre, Silvia Giogner and Sigrun Schneggenburger.

Click on the image for more information.  Thanks to Markus for the information.



Crave and Phaedra's Love student productions in Northampton UK

Sarah Kane Phaedras Love and Crave

There are two student productions are coming up.  They are by a third year drama group who have been studying Sarah Kane plays as part of the Theatre Laboratory Module.  There are two productions at University Northampton, St Georges Avenue, Northampton:

- Crave on 9-10 Jun 2003
- Phaedra's Love 11-12 Jun 2003

Phaedra is being jointly directed by Nick Hook and Lorna Wood and Crave by Mike Hayhurst.

There is no charge for admittance, but any donation to the Theatre Lab find would be welcome!!

Thanks to Karen for the information.



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