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Sarah Kane Sarah Kancold news 2001


The American premiere of Cleansed in Chicago

"Cleansed tells the stories of a grieving sister, a compassionate ghost, a delicate mental patient, and a tortured gay couple. For each, love provides fierce blooms of hope in a world of control and unpunished cruelty."

The director is Lisa Rothschiller who previously directed Phaedra´s Love.
Details are here (Apr 2001)



Phaedra's Love and Cleansed in London

Phaedra's Love and Cleansed. Rehearsed readings at the Royal Court, London (Apr 2001)



Crave (Manque) in Paris

Crave (Manque) in the Theatre de la Bastille, Paris. Details are here
"Le calme. Juste un rien de vent. L'ombre du soir. Mais, par la fenêtre entrouverte, survolant la haie du jardin ou les genêts de la falaise : des voix. Une chanson douce à quatre voix. Une illusion ? " (Apr 2001)



Phaedra´s Love in Italy

Phaedra´s Love performed in Italian in the Teatro Litta Milan. The director was Marinella Anaclerio. Details are here (Mar 2001)



Aleks Sierz, author of of In-Yer-Face Theatre gives a talk at the National Theatre London (Mar 2001)



The February 2001 edition of Maire Claire magazine has an article by Tessa Williams on her life and her plays and other work. There are also very good photos of Kane and of productions. Recommended. (Feb 2001)

An archive of the 2001 Hot News



Crave in Stockholm

Darling Desperados,a the Swedish fringe company, will perform Crave. The play opens on 15 Nov 2001 at Nya Pistolteatern, Stockholm.



Cleansed in Brazil

The premiere of Cleansed in Brazil will be at the Espaço Cultural Sergio Porto in Rio de Janeiro from 16 Nov 2001. It is performed by the Tropel company and directed by Felipe Vidal. As well as being the Brazilian premiere, it is probably the first performance of Sarah Kane in South America. More details when available. Thanks to Felipe for the info.



Sarah Kane Cleansed- click for link

Cleansed is on at KokoTeatteri, 26.10.2001. The director is Mikko Kanninen.
Suomen kantaesityksensä saa Sarah Kanen "Cleansed", jonka KokoTeatteri ja Cirkus Maximus valmistavat taiteellisena ja tuotannollisena yhteistyönä. Ohjaus Mikko Kanninen, suomennos Tuomas Timonen. Click on the image for details. Thanks to Markku for the info.


Sarah Kane Blasted
Blasted in Dublin, Ireland.

Bedrock Productions, a professional theatre company in Dublin, Ireland will present the Irish premiere of Blasted from 22 Nov - 8 Dec 2001 in the Project Arts Centre in Dublin. The director is Jimmy Fay, and the players are Lalor Roddy, Aidan Kelly and Fiona O’Shaughnessy. "This is a play that deals with the visceral and emotional landscape of love. Ian and Cate enter a hotel room to continue (or not) their affair. Here the world outside blasts through with the force of a nightmare…Its disturbing and apocalyptic view of human nature, influenced by Kane’s feelings on the Bosnian war, brings us a bleak world full of violence. It shows us the thin line between love and hate, civilisation and barbarity. Blasted by Sarah Kane will shock you into the stark realisation of what our world could become." Thanks to Michelle for the information



4.48 Psychosis in Paris

4.48 Psychosis is playing at the Théâtre-studio d'Alfortville until 22 Dec 2001. The director is Christian Benedetti and the player is Ingrid Jaulin.



Psychose 4.48 in Berlin, Germany

4.48 Psychosis (Psychose 4.48), in the "Schaubuehne am Lehniner Platz" in Berlin, Germany. Director is Falk Richter. Click here for details.



Sarah Kane Gier
Gier in Germany

Crave (Gier), directed by Ute Rauwald, re-opens on 19 Oct 2001, in the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg. "Zwei Frauen und zwei Männer begeben sich auf eine Reise, eine Reise in gemeinsame Vergangenheiten, eine Reise in eine ungewisse Zukunft. Ihre Identität ist unklar, sie tragen keine Namen (mehr), nur die Bezeichnungen A, B, C, M. Sprechend versuchen sie, sich anzunähern. Sie sprechen miteinander, gegeneinander, aneinander vorbei, ineinander verschlungen: Über verstörende Erinnerungen, über ihr Verlangen, ihre Gier nach Freundschaft, Geborgenheit und nach Liebe. Liebe, das malträtierte Gefühl, die Unmöglichkeit und die Möglichkeit, sie zu leben. Sprechend versuchen sie, das schmerzhafte Leben, Gewalt und Tod, den dunklen Engel Gottes, zu überwinden."Click here for details.



Phaedra´s Love in Cambridge

It is on 21-24 Nov 2001 at Phaedra´s Love in Cambridge, UK. Phaedra´s Love will be performed Pembroke College. It's a Pembroke Players performance, an amateur production with their own interpretation of the play. The director is Dan Sherer, assisted by Carl Death. Thanks to Bethan for the info.



Sarah Kane Cleansed in Athens
Cleansed back in Athens, Greece.

Cleansed ran in Athens in Apr-May 2001 and the production is now back, from 1 Oct- 30 Nov 2001 at Roes Theatre, Athens. The director is Lefteris Voyatzis and the players are Lefteris Voyatzis (Tinker), Nikos Kouris (Graham), Thanos Samaras (Carl), Christos Loulis (Rod), Amalia Moutousi (Grace), Yiannos Perlengas (Robin), Alexia Kaltsiki (Woman). Thanks to Myriam for the info and the photos.


Sarah Kane 4-48 Psicose- click for link Sarah Kane 4-48 Psicose- click for link
4.48 Psychosis (4.48 Psicose) in Portugal

The theater company Artistas Unidos (United Artists) have already performed Blasted and Crave in Portugal, and now they are doing 4.48 Psychosis to 18 Nov 2001.

The translation is by Pedro Marques and actors are Gracinda Nave and Miguel Borges, with staging by Joao Fiadeiro. Its on at the Espaço A Capital/ Teatro Paulo Claro, Lisboa, Tel 21 347 9816. Click on the images for more details [the link http://netparque.sapo.pt has gone].

Site visitor Sandra says "Last thursday was the premiere for 4.48 Psychosis. The other two plays had already made me fall in love for Sarah's writing but watching Psychosis was just overwhelming. I had already read it because a friend gave me the Complete Plays book as a present but seeing it on stage by such awesome actors it was like it was her there...  sometimes i just forgot i was a mere spectator... I read somewhere that Sarah wanted us to feel it as a punch in the stomach.. i felt it all over my body...". Thanks to Sandra for the info and the pictures.



Sarah Kane Gier- click for link
Crave (Gier) in Switzerland.

Performed in German in Berner Münster on 17-21 and 24-28 Oct 2001. The director is Michael Oberer and the roles are played by Andreas Debatin (A), Thomas U. Hostettler (B), Sonja Gertsch (C) and Patricia Bornhauser (M). The producer is Christian Probst. Thanks to Christian for the info (Oct 2001)



4.48 Psychosis in the Nuovo Theatre. Thanks to Dario for the information. (Oct 2001)



Crave in Canada

Crave in Canada by The Blacklist Theatre Project in Calgary, Canada. Director Kate Newby said "It's an extraordinary piece of non-linear writing and an extraordinary piece of theatre." She also says its the most challenging and rewarding play she's done in her 20 year career. Click here for details. (Sept 2001)



Blasted in Australia

the Australian premiere of Blasted. Genre Productions and La Boite Theatre, Brisbane. Director Linda Hassall and the players Steven Grives, Melinda Butel and Marcel Dorney (July 2001)


Sarah Kane Hunker Sarah Kane Hunker
Hunker (Crave) in The Netherlands

Hunker (Crave) toured The Netherlands through June. Translated into Dutch by Marcel Otten, directed by Hans Trentelman and with Marie Christine de Both, Mieneke Bakker, Hans Leipsig and Geert Jan Romeijn. Next season the group, Het Vervolg Maastricht, will do the Dutch premiere of 4.48 Psychosis (May-June 2001)



all Sarah Kane´s plays in London

The Royal Court Theatre revival of all Sarah Kane´s plays (May-Jun 2001)



Gier (Crave) in Stuttgart (May 2001)



Anéantis (Blasted) in Geneva (Apr 2001)



Blasted at the Royal Court, London (Apr 2001)



Sarah Kane Cleansed

Sarah Kane  Sarah Kane


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