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4.48 Psychosis and Sarah Kane symposium in Belgium

Théâtre Océan Nord, Brussels presented 4.48 Psychosis on 11- 29 Mar 2008.  The director was Isabelle Pousseur.  On 15 Mar 208 there was also be a day devoted to Sarah Kane and her work.   Thanks to Florence for the information.


Crave in London, UK

Crave by Sarah Kane

Crave was on at the Electrician's Basement, London from 2-12 Apr 2008.   It was a site specific performance at Electrician's Basement, London.


Phaedra's Love in Israel

Sarah Kane Phaedras Love- click for link

Phaedra's Love was presented in the Tm-una theatre in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Directing and dramaturgy were by Lilach Dekel-Avneri.  The actors were Yishai Golan, Maya Maron, Yael Zafrir, Noam Rotem and Lanny Shachaf-Banai.  The tanslation was by Yotam Benshalom, music was by Noam Rotem, vocal creation Rif Cohen, sound design: Danny Meir, stage design, light and video Iris Mualem

Click on the image above for more details.  Thanks to Lilach and Maya for the information.



Sarak Kane Phaedras Love Israel

Crave in Buenos Aires

click for link

The independent theater El Lavapies presented Crave in Buenos Aires.  The actors were Javier Acuña, Carolina Adamovsky, Gaby Ferrero and Javier Lorenzo.  The translation was by Jaime Arrambide and the director was Cristian Drut.

"crave /kreiv/ [del Inglés Antiguo crafian, implorar] v.t. 1. necesitar con urgencia, requerir 2. suplicar, implorar, pedir encarecidamente. 2. apetecer, anhelar, ansiar, desear vehementemente. ¾ v.i. (gen. con for) sentir deseo vehemente (por), tener antojo (de), anhelar.  Sarah Kane decía a propósito de Crave: "Lo veo más como un texto para representar que como una obra en si misma..." "Quise descubrir que tan buena poeta podía ser al mismo tiempo que escribia algo dramático."

Click on the image for more details.  Thanks to Andres for the information.


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