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Sarah Kane Sarah Kan
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Blasted in French in Canada

A French Blasted at the Théâtre des Quat'Sous, Montreal, Canada from 21 Jan to 2 Mar 2002.  The director is Stacey Christodoulou, the translation is by Anne-Marie Régimbald.


Cleansed (Gesäubert)  in Oberhausen, Germany

Sarah Kane Gesaubert

Cleansed (Gesäubert) on at the Theater of Oberhausen.  The premiere was 22 Jan 2002. 

The players are Daniel Wiemer (Graham), Bernd Braun (Tinker), Andreas Maier (Carl), Raphael Rubino (Rod), Verena Bukal (Grace), Oleg Zhukov (Robin), Jennifer Julia Caron (Frau). Christoph Roos is the director.


Blasted premiere in Mexico

Blasted by Sarah Kane in Mexico

Blasted in Mexico

Blasted (Devastados) in Mexico City directed by Ignacio Ortiz, translated by Ana Graham and with Arturo Rios (Ian), Ana Graham (Cate) and Ari Brickman (soldier). Feb 2002.

Its was produced by The National Institute for the Fine Arts and the British Council.



Blasted in French in Canada

Blasted was performed in French at the Théâtre des Quat'Sous, Montreal, from 21 January to 2 March 2002.

Directed by Stacey Christodoulou, with the translation by Anne-Marie Régimbald.


Crave student production in USA

Crave was performed at Washington Hall  as a student project.  Feb 2002.

Directed by Beth Hoffmann.  Matt Holmes played A, Tom Conner played B, Kate Walsh played C and Kelly Hart played M.

"The sets for this show are minimal, allowing the audience to focus on the numerous ideas presented in the script. Each character has a corner to which he or she retreats where there is a platform. Other platforms in the center of the stage facilitate monologues and actions that help to bring the verbal imagery to life.  The floors around each character's platform are plastered with images relevant to that character: pictures of models, cigarette boxes, pieces of cardboard from beer cases, etc. The characters' movements are perhaps the most intriguing part of the show and credit must be given to Hoffmann who, without direction from the playwright, created it all. Bodies merge and separate, collapse and entangle, charge through the audience or cower in corners, as the mood dictates" (from review by Amando Greco, Online-Observer)


Cleansed (Purificados) in Portugal

Sarah Kane purificados Cleansed in Portugal at the Teatro Helena Sá e Costa from 20-24 Feb 2002.

Translated by Pedro Marques, the actors were António Fonseca, Cátia Pine, João Miguel Melo, Maria João Hawk, Nuno M. Cardoso and Tónan Quito.  Staged by  Nuno Cardoso.


"No teatro de Sarah Kane a palavra não é omnipotente nem omnipresente. Felizmente não o é. A violência surge em gestos, movimentos, amputações, torturas, sob um soberano silêncio. Mas a dicção, quando impera, mesmo sob a forma de súplica, de gaguez, de tremura, instaura já outra forma de violência, que adia e propicia a primeira, ao mesmo tempo, uma violência da impossibilidade de dizer. Da jura de amor que regressa como o golpe do boomerang. Do pedido de socorro sussurrado que embate na cegueira do outro. É uma peça cegante.
Pedro Eiras"


Phaedra Love in The Netherlands

Sarah Kane Phaedras Love in The Netherlands

Phaedra's Love was performed in Dutch in Amsterdam 19-23 Feb 2002 and then went on a national tour (Amsterdam, Arnhem, Leiden, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Utrecht , The Hague, IJmuiden, Groningen, Amstelvee and, Heemskerk) 10 Sept- 18 Oct 2002.

The director is Marcus Azzini, the translation is by Oscar van Woensel. The players are Astrid van Eck, Malou Gorter, Jaap ten Holt and Srefan Rokebrand.


Some good stagecraft.  Spray cans of red paint are used to symbolically murder characters- slitting a throat is accomplished by spraying a red gash across the throat.  The actors then walk to the side of the stage to watch what develops- avoiding a Hamlet like pile of dead bodies littering the stage.


Phaedra's Love in Portland, Oregan, USA

Sarah Kane Phaedra´s Love

defunkt theatre presented Phaedra's Love in Portland, Oregon at the Back Door Theater in Jan/Feb 2002.

 The director was Grace Carter, and the cast were:

Hippolytus James Moore
Phaedra Madeleine Sanford
Doctor/Priest Jason Myers
Strophe damali ayo
Theseus Song Kim
Women Linda Miles, Ingrid Carlson
Men Dirk Foley, Rollin Carlson
Child Rachel Mason
Policeman Jamie Miller 


"Grace Carter's direction of this tough piece still needs work, but it's a good start. She succeeds with her casting: James Moore's half-conscious Hippolytus, Madeleine Sanford's lust-crazed Phaedra, and the choric Strophe of damali ayo (who also provides the witty set of gold-laced penitentiary wire, boldly symbolizing Theseus' dystopian kingdom). Yet Carter shies from some of Kane's violence, though the scenes among the three principals are potent..."Vultures...if there could have been more moments like this." An odd beauty, but considering these times...." (from Steffen Silvis review).


Crave/Cleansed in Lithuania

Lithuanian Crave and Cleansed- click for link

A version combining Crave and Cleansed on at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre from 18 Feb 2002.
The players were Paulius Baltramiejunas - A
Rasa Marazaite - C
Aistis Mickevicius - B
Ruta Papartyte - M

Laura Mizeryte - Woman
Modestas Pavydis - Robin
Kristina Savickyte - Greis
Salvijus Trepulis – Tinker

Translated by Ausra Simanaviciute, directors Povilas Laurinkus and Oskaras Korsunov.


4.48 Psychosis in Finland

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis in Finland 4.48 Psychosis (4.48 Psykoosi ) at the Finnish National Theater. The director is Michael Baran.

The actors were Wanda Dubiel, Seppo Pääkkönen and Tuuli Lindberg (singing).
Visual designer was Kimmo Viskari and music was by Juhani Nuorvala


Site visitor Markku says (thanks Markku) "Pääkkönen played the doctor. The music was quite experimental...some sort of avantgardistic classical music (the singer talked about some "natural sounds" you cannot get out of normally tuned piano, but I couldn't get the jargon) and the singer sang lines from the play. After the list of medicals was revealed, she sang their names a few times. I attended a discussion about the play afterwards and they had quit interesting opinions and stories about the rehearsals."


4.48 Psychosis student production in UK

4.48 Psychosis at the University of Huddersfield. 15 Mar 2002 in the Meredith Studio.  Directed by Mandy Rogers and Donna Steele.

"This performance involves an exploration of the text through physical expression."


4.48 Psychosis in Greece then Egypt

4.48 Psychosis in Greece then Egypt.  4.48 Psychosis transferred from Athens to Salonica (from 15 Mar for 15 performances), as a monologue performed in Greek by Roula Pateraki.


Cleansed (Purificados) in Portugal

Cleansed (Purificados ) at the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Lisboa) from 26th Mar to 14 Apr 2002.


Sarah Kane Festival in Spain

Sarah Kane Crave in Spain

Crave (Ansia) opened a season dedicated to Sarah Kane. The premiere was 5 Feb 2002 at the Teatro Pradillo in Madrid.

Crave was produced by Deconstrucción Theatre.  The cast were C Cristina Falcón, M Angeles Espinosa, B Ángel Font, A Gonzalo Jiménez.  Translated and Directed by Emanuel Cini.

Sarah Kane Crave in Spain

Sarah Kane Crave Sarah Kane Crave Sarah Kane Crave Sarah Kane Crave


"Crave was a huge success...many people were turned away at the door...there were people sitting on the floor and standing in the wings as three performances was not enough by far...huge interest and a wonderful response from the public...people literally fought for tickets"

Blasted (Reventado) The cast were Pedro Rebollo, Raquel Hernández and Antonio Gómez.  Translated by Antonio Alamo and directed by Rosario Ruiz Rodgers.

Phedra's love (El amor de Fedra) The cast were Iván Hermes, Arantxa Aranguren, Ruth Díaz and Emilio Linder.  Translated by Antonio Fernández Lera and directed by Carlos Marchena.


4.48 Psychosis in Dutch

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis 4.48 Psychosis (4.48u. Psychose) was performed by Het Vervolg in Maastricht.  The director was Léon van der Sanden, translation was by Marcel Otten and there were two players, Camilla Siegertsz and Irene Slotboom.


"The two actresses, both in their teens, shared the roles with one always the victim, the other victim and doctor etc.  The stage was a walkway which surrounded the audience, the actresses using all four sides.  Two screens showed soothing images of water.  At times the actresses were behind the screens, visible through the images.  The numbers sequence was done as if both were scribbling graffiti on the walls.

A very good and original production, exceptional acting, staging and direction, and a unique but true vision of the play"


4.48 Psychosis in Denmark

Kane 4.48 Psychosis in Denmark

4.48 Psychosis (4:48 Psykose) in Copenhagen at the Edison Theater from 2-23 Mar 2002.
The player is Trine Dyrholm


Phaedra's Love in Birmingham, UK

Phaedra's Love at the Birmingham Hippodrome from 13-16 Mar 2002.  It was followed by 4.48 Psychosis.


4.48 Psychosis in Greece

A monologue performed in Greek by Roula Pateraki at the Chora Theatre, Athens.


Blasted in Scotland

A Scottish Blasted Directed by Kenny Miller and performed in the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland from 7-30 Mar 2002.


Cleansed (Purificado) in São Paulo, Brazil

Cleansed (Purificado) opened in São Paulo, Brazil on 15 Mar 2002.  It was translated and directed by Felipe Vidal.


Student Crave in Scarborough, UK

A production of Crave as part of the National Student Drama Festival. 27, 28 Mar 2002.  This production won various awards including the Cameron Mackintosh Award for Outstanding Contribution to Musical Theatre to Nick Gill, the Bush Theatre Directing Award to Lucy Foster of OUDS and the Judge's Individual Director's Award also to Lucy Foster.


Sarah Kane festival in Italy

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis 4.48 Psychosis

Directed by Pierpaolo Sepe, translated by Gian Maria Cervo. The player is Monica Nappo. Nuovo Teatro.  From 22-24 Mar 2002 as part of a Kane festival.

Sarah Kane fame Crave (Fame) revival

Performed by Laboratorio 9 with director Barbara Nativi. 12-14 Apr 2002 as part of a Kane festival. Actors were Angela Antonini Antonini (C), Sandra Garuglieri (M), Frederik Neuwahl (B) and Silvano Panichi (A).  It was revived in May.

Sarah Kane Blasted Blasted revival

Directed by Barbara Nativi and the players were Roberto Posse (Ian), Angela Antonini (Cate) and Michele Andrei (soldier).  10 May 2002.



4.48 Psychosis in Vienna

Sarah Kane 4.48 Psychosis in Vienna James Macdonald´s direction and the Royal Court staging moved to Austria.  The players are Maria Hengge, Heike Kretschmer and Lukas Miko.  The performances were on 27, 28, 31 Mar, 4, 9 April.


4.48 Psychosis in Germany

Ursula Doll performed a solo 4.48 at the Deutsches Schausspielhaus in Hamburg, Germany.  The premiere was 12 Apr 2002 with try-outs from 10 Apr 2002.

The director was Laurent Chétouane and the translation was by Durs Grünbein.


4.48 Psychosis in Birmingham, UK

Article19 Theatre presented 4:48 Psychosis at the Crescent Theatre Studio, Birmingham, UK from 17-19 Apr 2002.  This follows performances of Blasted.  The director was Derek Bond and the actors were Daisy Dugmore, Hector Harkness and Jess Ransom.


4.48 Psychosis (Psihoza 4.48) in Slovenia

Sarah Kane Psihoza 4.48

4.48 Psychosis premieres in Slovenia on 10 May 2002.

There are two actors, Maja Sever and Saša Mihelcic.  The director is Sebastijan Horvat and the translation is by Primož Vitez.

There was a previous Slovenia performance which combined 4.48 Psychosis with Phaedra's Love into a single play.  The 2002 performance is the premiere of the play Sarah Kane wrote.



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