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My Hols: Steven Berkoff
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From The Sunday Times 15 Mar 2009

Steven Berkoff talks to Sandie Jones about holidays.

“… Unlike most actors, who once they’ve made it tend to stay in London, I’ve spent the best part of 20 years touring because I believe that it’s the only way really to see the world. By performing in venues such as the Teatro della Pergola in Florence, one of the oldest theatres in the world, I’m plunged into the heart of Italian culture and history, which, as a tourist, I’d only ever skim the surface of.”

“One of the most fascinating places was Jerusalem, which I visited when I was directing a play in 1980… Staying at the American Colony Hotel was like going back in time to the 1920s age of Arabism. The scent of myrrh would waft through reception, and waiters would pour tea at a great height from silver pots.” #

“…If I want to be really well looked after, I head for St Lucia… St Lucia has a very exotic terrain, and wherever you stay, you’re surrounded by rainforests and overlooked by the Piton mountains, which resemble Madonna’s breasts in her Jean Paul Gaultier bra. We love Anse Chastanet, because there are no phones, no TVs and no glass in the windows, so the birds fly in and out of your room at will; there’s not even a door on the bathroom, so you have to get used to the lack of privacy pretty quickly. But you are truly indulged there. “