Author Topic: A Performance of 4.48 Psychosis  (Read 32346 times)

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A Performance of 4.48 Psychosis
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2008, 04:03:58 PM »
I am a production Manager working on a Produciton of $.48 psychosis, The director and I have worked together quite closely on the way the performance should go. We have come up with a cast of three, -  this is a college production so we have had to keep the cast small.

We are casting a Doctor, a Patient and a 'Voice' - all to potray one person

The Doctor will be the helpless 'victim' and memory part of the individual
The Voice will be the 'crazy' part of the individual - hysterical, evil, dark, homicidal but commically so. -the perpetrator
The Patient will be the 'essense' of the personality trapped between victim and perpetrator

we would like to know if anyone has opinions on this - good or bad, obviously we want to stay true to Kanes intentions when she wrote the play but we would also like to reach out to audiences.