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poor journalism
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2023, 01:12:00 AM »
An example of the sort of poor journalism that haunts Ken's work.

The article is about music videos.  Despite saying “we take a look at music videos from notable directors” he brings in Ken Russell but doesn’t mention (and may be unaware of) Ken’s music videos such as Elton John’s Nikita and Cliff Richard’s She’s So Beautiful.

He does however  talk of “the sacrilege of most of the films of people like Ken Russell”  I am not sure he actually understands the meaning of sacrilegious- the Cambridge Dictionary gives it as “treating something holy or important without respect”.  Certainly The Devils, but Ken’s D.H. Lawrence films?  Far less The Boyfriend. Far less Nikita.

Ignoring the poor understanding of sacrilege.  He talks of a video In A Glass Cage (Tras El Cristal) by AgustĂ­ Villaronga and describes the plot as “The victim takes on the role of the Nazi's caretaker, and decides to torture him and follow in his footsteps as a pedophiliac murderer”.  I’ve not seen it so can’t comment on its merits but does the subject matter (which he sees as sacrilegious) really compare to Ken Russell’s work?

The article is by Theodoor Steen ,Screen Anarchy,  6 Mar 2023, click here