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Kate Bush and Ken Russell
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Kate Bush and her album Never Forever:

"...the album continues with Delius (Song Of Summer) – which could have been directly from Peter Gabriel III – and is probably the freshest number on the album, with its various voices and the putter of ‘Roland’ on percussion. Fredric Delius was “an extraordinary man both in body and spirit,” Bush wrote in 1980. It captured the tale of Delius’ relationship with his amanuensis, Eric Fenby.

“Who, prior to 1980, put a song on a pop album about a classical composer?” asked David Mitchell in his introduction to How To Be Invisible. It certainly wasn’t Roll Over Beethoven. The ‘Taa-taa-taa-taa’ was how Delius – then blind and paralysed – would try and convey his thoughts to Fenby.

Bush recalled seeing the Ken Russell film on the relationship in 1968 when it was screened as part of BBC1’s Omnibus season. “Delius would have applauded you for doing your own thing your own way. He would have accepted it as a very gracious tribute,” Eric Fenby told Bush later that year".

The article is by Daryl Easlea, 21 Sept 2022. The link is here