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Re: Ex Machina and Altered States
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Terrific find Iain!

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Ex Machina and Altered States
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Alex Garland, the director of the excellent artificial intelligence film Ex Machina mentions Altered States as one of his influences for the film.

"If you're going to talk talky '70s dramas you're going to talk Paddy Chayefsky. And if you're going to mention Chayefsky and science fiction in the same breath, you're going to mention Altered States, the legendary writer's final film. In Ken Russell's drama, a university psychologists believes that our dream states are as real as our waking ones. A series of sensory tests unleashes unimaginable terror. Garland rewatched Altered States because before filming Ex Machina. "It has is some pretty heavy ideas in a story that I found gripping when I first watched it," he says"

The article, by Matt Patches from Esquire, is here