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Top Ten British Directors


Iain Fisher:
I forgot about Lean, Roeg and Reed who I like.

It is like all top 10s, you end up with 25.

I also would include Tony Richardson and John Schlesinger. I’m sure there’s others I’m forgetting.

Also, I don’t see David Lean, Nic Roeg, Lindsay Anderson, and Carol Reed. I guess feel they need to include a few current movie makers. Still, they had enough sense to include Ken.

Iain Fisher:
This seems to be from a poll by Vu Cinema, but the Top 10 British Directors of All Time are
Alfred Hitchcock
Ridley Scott
Richard Attenborough
Danny Boyle
Ken Loach
Christopher Nolan
Mike Leigh
Sam Mendes
Steve McQueen
Ken Russell

Where are:

* Michael Powell
* James Whale- he filmed in Hollywood but was British- Frankenstein/ Bride of Frankenstein/ The Invisible Man
* Charlie Chaplin
The article is here


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