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Whore on Blu ray


I just received and watched the new "Whore" blu ray and am pretty impressed by the obvious amount of love and care that was put into it. The film looks better than I have ever seen it.  It's actually the first time I've watched the movie in its proper proportions.  And quite a bit of interesting stories, tidbits, and analyses come out of the various special features. Teresa Russell is extremely honest in her interview when talking about her life and career.  It's good to know she mostly has fond memories of "Whore."  It's definitely a must have for any Ken Russell fan.

Once I get it, I'll write a short overview.  I'm really excited for the Theresa Russell interview.

Iain Fisher:
I have it (I pre-ordered). It took a while to get here from Australia, but seems fine.  However I don't have access to my Blu-Ray right now so I can't play it !!!

Interesting to see what extras are on it.

Hi everybody,  In case this hasn't been discussed earlier, "Whore" was just released on Blu Ray by an Australian company called ViaVision.  I just ordered my copy.  I hope the quality is good.


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