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Title: This website Marie.Stephanie
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Hello, I´m Marie, an acting student from Germany, very interested in Sarah Kane´s plays and life. I just wanted to express my ambivalent feelings ,when coming to this site. We are all fascinated by Sarah Kane , we all find ourselves somehow in her thoughts, and it´s a good thing that people with the same interests communicate , but i´m still wondering what Sarah Kane herself would think of us .. Anyway , I´m interested in having contact with you, I´m interested in the way people imagine to perform S.K.´s plays, and how the performers/directors deal with her death. I also made a "4.48 Psychosis" -translation into German.


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Title: Re: This website Jess Cully
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Hello Marie, I firmly believe that if Sarah were alive today she would approve of us. We are on this site because we are enthusiasts of her work. From the times I met her, and from a conversation I overheard her having in a theatre, I can confirm that she was genuinely pleased and touched when people liked her plays. I feel that she would lurk on this site, smiling to herself at the different interpretations we put on her work - she never explained her plays because she preferred people to work out their own meanings, and if anyone's work is open to multiple interpretations, hers is.

Must stop before I get weepy (yes, even now it still hurts me like hell that she's gone)...

Great that you've made the effort to translate 4.48 into German. I know Sarah was big in Germany, any chance of a production?

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