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Sally Simpson and Christopher Logue
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Reading The Complete Guide to the Doors by Peter K Hogan.  A couple of random Ken related bits.

During a concert by The Doors at New York's Singer Bowl there was a riot and a girl covered in blood asked Jim Morrison of The Doors for help but he either ignored or didn't see her.  The Who were on the same bill and saw this, and Pete Townsend based Sally Simpson from Tommy on this.

And surprisingly (to me at least) the poet Christopher Logue and Jim Morrison went round London together, for example to see where William Blake lived.  Logue wrote the script for Savage Messiah and acted magnificently the role of Cardinal Richelieu in The Devils (as well as roles in Prisoner of Honor and Dante's Inferno.

And of course another Ken Russell link is Aldous Huxley who wrote both The Devils of Loudun (the basis for Ken's The Devils) and The Doors of Perception which is where The Doors took their name from.