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If you go to this website and look under the name of Ken Russell, you'll find many of his films listed. And some of the listed films also have a quiz that goes with them. The fun is not in the quiz or the answers to the quiz, as they are, for the most part, quite simple to answer, if you have seen the film. The fun is, as the quiz is a multiple choice quiz, the "wrong" answers to the question. Some of the answers may be "wrong," but they seem so "right." Here are two of the questions and their answers for "Lair of the White Worm," and then a question and its answers for "Women in Love."

What was Kevin wearing, when Lady Sylvia Marsh gave him a lift?
a.) band leader suit
b.) nothing
c.) suit of armour
d.) snakeskin jumpsuit
e.) boy scout uniform

Why does Lady Sylvia Marsh bring Kevin to her house?
a.) Because she hates boys.
b.) Because she eats boys.
c.) Because he's a virgin and to sacrifice him.
d.) Because he has special sweat glands.
e.) Because she likes blonds.

A scene between Rupert and Gerald achieved some notoriety. Why?
a.) They urinated, nude.
b.) They rode horses, nude.
c.) They knitted, nude.
d.) They wrestled, nude.
e.) They watched "Comic Relief," nude.