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David Thomason's "Have You Seen . . ."
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This is film critic David Thomason on Stanley Kubrick's "The Clockwork Orange" in Thomason's book "Have You Seen . . ."

"His words in quotation marks."

[My words in brackets.]

"The film was deservedly controversial." [But so was Ken Russell's "The Devils."] "The rape to 'Singing in the Rain,' was too gleeful for many." [But again, so was "The Rape of Christ" scene in "The Devils."] "To this day, there are tender souls who should not see that one." [I have heard of people walking out in the middle of the scene of the Roman soldiers raping the nuns in Ken Russell's "Lair of the White Worm."]
"Several moral guardians wondered aloud whether it was dangerous." [I don't know whether the rape scene in "Clockwork Orange" was ever re-enacted, but I do know that there are couples that re-enact the scenes between Sylvia (Donohoe) and Kevin (Pitt) in "Lair of the White Worm." From the time she picks him up thumbing a ride in the rain till she drowns him in the tub. Now that is dangerous!]

And what is Mr. Thomason's opinion of Ken Russell. AS much as he likes Stanley Kubrick, he dislikes Russell. Even in the case where Russell equals or exceeds most everything in Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange." Thus like most critics, his low opinion of Russell is both unexplainable and inexcusable.