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Observer interview
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2009, 11:26:05 AM »
Ken is interviewed by Killian Fox  in The Observer, 30 Aug 2009

"…I seem to be the forgotten man of British film. I don't really consider myself part of the industry here, and never have, because all my films but one have been financed by Americans.  In England, the critics always accused me of being operatic. Operatic to them was a dirty word. I took it as a compliment… I've never played the game. I have my own game and I'm very happy playing that.

I just don't want to stop making films. I love films. Maybe if I hadn't grown up with the great German silent movies such as Siegfried and Metropolis, life would be different.  Orson Welles had that magic as well. I still think Citizen Kane is a masterpiece…

Last year, someone at a Welsh university phoned me up and said: "If I give you four days and 30 students, could you make a film?" I said: "Try me." It was called Boadicea Bites Back.  I'm working on a film now called Bravetart vs the Loch Ness Monster, about a sassy Scottish prostitute who takes on the monster…

The grim reaper is the only thing that will stop me making films."

Thanks to Alex for the info.