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Re: Personal Project; 4.48 Psychosis
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2009, 12:44:39 PM »

I saw your answer on the board but I chose to not answer yet, only because the project was not yet accept. But now it is (I receive my answer 2 days ago, and I'm so happy, it has been lot of work just to be sure that my project would be accept...) so I'm beginning to really look on this project.

Thank you for your help. I'll certainly use it. 

I'll probably come back really often onto this forum and look for resources, information and I'll probably have some little videos... but this part it's not sure, it will depends on actors and a lot of other factors...

For now, it's the end of the school year... so I don't have a lot of time to work onto this project (no, no, no, teacher want us to have a good memory of them after their last exam...). Anyway, it is suppose to begin only in next September (although, I'll have a few work to do this summer, like finding actors...) so for the moments, the project is just in his first part.


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Re: Personal Project; 4.48 Psychosis
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2009, 03:06:05 AM »
Hi Gabrielle,

An interesting message and I share your enthusiasm for Sarah's work.  I am jealous that you get to do your project about her work, though of course it will be a lot of work.

I am happy to help you on your project if I can.  Contact me via the link:

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Personal Project; 4.48 Psychosis
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2009, 11:11:11 AM »
Hello ^^

I'm a student in Quebec, in the IB program (this if you are interest), and I am now in front of my personal project, which is suppose to kill my social life and take all my free time... 

Seriously. This project is supposed to be about a subject that we love, presented in a way we want. Mine is about human pain and I choose to direct a play of Sarah Kane, 4.48 psychosis. It will begin in next September and the dead line, the end, is only in February 2010. During this short time, I've decided to work on 4.48 psychosis, to present, on stage, the play as I see it.

I've never saw a play of Sarah Kane. I've missed the only one that has been play in Quebec, Blasted, last year. But because I've missed it, I've decided to buy the "complete plays" to read the plays. It really touched me. And it still touch me, because I didn't completely read some play, I've not take time to think about each play... and it's not in my native language. (I'm not too bad in English (OK, I know, this text is an horror to you to read... sorry...) but I don't always have a perfect comprehension).

But I've read some play. And it really touched me. Really. I think it's the first author who makes me feel so much emotion in a reading. I will be so happy to discuss about it on this forum.

I am also on this web site because I'm searching someone who is a type of "expert" on the plays of Sarah Kane, and maybe on 4.48 psychosis. Someone who directed one, or work on it, interpreted it... whoever who could, during my personal project, be a reference about it, a help, sometime. Because during 6 months, I'll work on a subject, through the play of Sarah Kane, but I'll need to present a good play in the end, with a good research behind me to do it (yeah... the personal project is all about it... the Research...). So if anyone thinks he can enter in my reference list you can send me an email I'll see if my supervisor accepts it. (yeah, I'm still not free to work on my own… I need to be evaluated too…) If you think, also, that you can refer me someone, send me an email too.

last thing about myself... I'm only 16 years old. I'm really interest in literature. But my English is not perfect. So even when I read and write, I, sometime, and even often, make error. Don't blame me, please... I'm only learning English as a second language... so, I'm really sorry if I'm killing English when I use it. Really sorry. I know what you can feel; in Quebec, sometime, our English politician kill French... I know, it's a terrible thing. Sorry.

I hope I'll not be a parasite here... And I hope to discover a little bit more the work of Sarah Kane.