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Cleansed in the U.S.-interesting audience feedback- Molly
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2007, 10:50:05 PM »
"Cleansed" got its West Coast premiere this past Friday. It was a unique experience. The acting challenges alone made the cast jittery. It was a privilege to work with such an amazing, cast, crew and director. The audience seemed to like the show. Most of the feedback demonstrated that the play's hopeful message is strong. Two people, though, had an interesting take on the character of Tinker. Both felt that Tinker did not find or accept love in his last scene with the Woman; they felt he was going to start the atrocities all over again. I'm probably too close to the material but I never saw that on any reading of the play. For others who have performed or worked on "Cleansed", what kind of audience feedback did you receive? For more information about our production of "Cleansed" (including production photos), go to Thank you! Now if we could just get the rights to do "Blasted"-three actors in southern California would be very happy! Best wishes-Molly

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