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Steven Berkoff as Polonius in Hamlet


Iain Fisher:
The film is in cinemas in the UK from 27 February 2024.  There is also a filmed Q&A with Ian McKellen and Director Sean Mathias.

"A tale of revenge that has stood the test of time, Shakespeare’s classic tragedy is reimagined for the modern day as a gripping psychological thriller! Transcending the confines of the stage in a uniquely modern take, the film utilises nearly every room of the Theatre Royal Windsor to transform it into the immortal Elsinore Castle, from basement dungeon to roof-top battlement.

Ian McKellen - reprising his lead role as Hamlet, a man who descends into madness as he seeks vengeance against his uncle for the apparent murder of his father - leads a stellar cast with stage and screen legend, Steven Berkoff, and stars of the critically acclaimed, recent stage cast of ‘Hamlet’: Frances Barber (King Lear, Chekhov’s The Seagull), Jonathan Hyde (King Lear, Titanic, Crimson Peak), Jenny Seagrove and BAFTA-winner Francesca Annis, bringing their iconic roles to life in this compelling new film adaptation".

Iain Fisher:
Steven Berkoff plays Polonius, the father of Ophelia, in the film of Hamlet.  Ian McKellen plays Hamlet and the film is directed by Seam Mathias.  The film is based on the theatre staging of the play which Berkoff dropped out of.  More details when available.


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