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West in the UK, The Trial in the USA
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HumDrum theatre company present West from 9- 13 June 2009.  It is on at the Portsmouth New Theatre, UK.

"West is about courage: the courage to live according to your spirit and not the guidelines laid down for you by others, to be true to yourself, which may involve alienating others, but your truth is worth pursuing since it defines who you are." The main character's name is Mike. "Mike's truth is to live for simple principles and to put his courage where his mouth is. ... The play is an allegory about demons we must defeat but is also about London in the 1960s and specifically Stamford Hill or Hackney N16" - strutting your stuff and dancing at the Lyceum and rival gangs and their skirmishes. Mike fights the toughest gang leader of them all, not because he wants to be the biggest of them all but because he wants to break out of this way of life and wants it to be his last fight so he can go another way.

The Trial

CTC Ensemble Company present The Trial directed by Mark Sutton.  It is on from 22- 24 May 2009 at the Wachovia Playhouse, Charlotte NC, USA.  These are performances for children "recommended for ages 13 and up."