Author Topic: The 100 Best Movies That Were Not Nominated for Best Picture  (Read 821 times)

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The 100 Best Movies That Were Not Nominated for Best Picture
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2021, 07:53:27 PM »
An interesting article on FilmSchoolRejects, 20 Apr 2021.

Classic films which were not even nominated for best film Oscars including
- Bride of Frankenstein "Bride of Frankenstein is a crushing follow-up to James Whale’s original gothic horror. The performances are more fine-tuned, the photography more sumptuous and intoxicating, and the heartache more palpable and relatable." (by Brad Gullickson)

- Peeping Tom "Surely, a film so beautiful and vibrant, so daring and bold, so uniquely and wholly cinematic would get the reception it deserves? Nope! To make matters worse, Peeping Tom also tanked director Michael Powell’s career in the UK."(by Anna Swanson)

- Magnolia "Perhaps its three-hour-plus runtime was too much for Academy members. Maybe it was too complicated. They should be ashamed either way" (by Neil Miller)

and of course Ken's The Devils
"What kind of Academy would have nominated The Devils for best picture? A bold Academy... The Devils is one of the most searing and upsetting visions of political corruption that’s ever been committed to celluloid. It is a genuinely dangerous piece of art. And I’m not sure the Academy really does danger." (by Meg Shields)

The article is here