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Iain Fisher:
The book sounds great, and can't wait.  Keep us posted, and podcasts welcome.
Peter Cushing's dressing room is a good place to get inspiration, from all the Hammer films to Star Wars.
For those who don't know Jon directed a film Alien Blood which is certainly Ken influenced, and the DVD has some good extras.

Jon Sorensen:
Hi, Iain. The bio book has grown to be a much bigger project and is delayed by about a year. I certainly will be covering "Alien Blood". In the interim period some bio/travel podcasts may emerge as I move around and I will possibly point you to them on here, for anyone who may be interested. The book I am only going to be doing once, so I may as well get it right. There's a lot of material. More than I could have predicted. Also, I recently watched again Ken's two "Clouds Of Glory" films on Wordsworth and Coleridge, on a DVD given me by Ken himself. Took me back to seeing them first on my loaned tiny black and white TV set wrapped in my sleeping bag in Peter Cushing's old dressing room at the old Bray Film Studios where I camped out for my first four months in 1978 whilst working on "Alien" (1979). I really ought to put them up on YouTube or even on my own website so that people can see them again. They still make me marvel. Just wonderful and still vivid the effects they had on me as we built spaceships and aliens so that "in space no-one could hear you scream". Do take care of yourselves. I send my very best and a wee smile. Keep your sense of wonder!

Iain Fisher:
Do you cover Alien Blood- I hope so !!!

Jon Sorensen:
Hi, Iain,
Hope you are all well. Am bringing out a bio book on 21 June 2023. Reminiscent of Derek Jarman's "Dancin Ledge" in feel, it will range across the part Ken played in my life, also working with John Boorman, Ridley Scott, Jim Henson, my experiences in film to include my own projects. My travels, and my life in supernature and the paranormal, which has followed me since my somewhat mystical Scottish childhood. Called "Imagine", I do hope this may be of interest, and I send you all my very best for now and a wee smile. Do take care of yourselves. In the spirit of Ken, keep your sense of wonder!

Jon Sorensen:
Thank you very much indeed, Iain.

I am away from today.

Again, if you are a fan of the original Alien (1979), which Ken was, the aforementioned podcast interview will be available in late April I am told, on the Perfect Organism site, and I-Tunes and all such.[/i]

All my very best, I send good thoughts and a wee smile.  :D

Jon Sorensen


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