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Iain Fisher:
Dracula by Ken would have been great. 

In the film Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat from 1989 there is a poster for the (unmade) film on the wall.

Take care and have fun

Jon Sorensen:
...recently had the chance to read a published version of Ken Russell's screenplay for his never made vesion of "Dracula". What a movie it would have made. Of course I presented Ken with a recording of my music composition "Ken Russell's Dracula", which was a poor substitute for making the film. Ken loved music so it seemed an appropriate gift. Also on the album I gave him was a track called "Ken Russell's The Living End". I had a chance to start watching the new BBC series of "Dracula", and whilst very clever, it makes me miss Ken's version even more. I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year. In the "Time Of The Virus", please do take care of yourselves.

Jon Sorensen

Jon Sorensen:
...incidentally, whilst swinging by here, there is also a short piece, dedicated to Ken,
called "Voyager", amongst the short films on the site. I cannot listen to "Venus" from Holst's "The Planets" without remembering how I saw Ken's film on the "South Bank Show" in 1983, which made such an impression on me. Again, my very best to you all. Take care of yourselves.  ;D

Jon Sorensen:
Thank you so very much, Iain.

Iain Fisher:
As you know I am a long time fan of your Alien Blood, and the Ken Russell influence is clear.  I saw it on TCM, and have the DVD which includes an insightful commentary.

I just watched Virus, some good hypnotic imagery.



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