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Iain Fisher:
Thanks for these and as you say Alien was timeless.

Good luck in your intriguing remote location.


Jon Sorensen:
I worked on the original Alien (1979).
It has reared its' head again since I have just been interviewed for an American podcast covering my memories of contributing to the miniatures and visual effects. They won an Oscar.
I have posted three pieces of my ambient music, free to download and keep. These are from an album called "Alien 5". I saw no reason not to share them here. Ken was a fan of the movie.
Also, for those of you who are a fan of the original timeless Alien, there is also a link to a readable PDF containing photos and text, similarly dealing with my memories and impressions.
The music is here. Very mindfulness.
and the article is here.

I will be away in a remote location at least till the Autumn.
I want to wish you all the very best and applaud your interest still in Ken Russell.

Jon Sorensen:
There are now three new music videos up on my site, hopefully continuing the best tradition of Ken in matching my images to my music. These are of a "mindfulness" nature. Do take care of yourselves.

As a PS to you, Iain, I read your material on Dick Bush BSC who was a great cinematographer. His work always glowed and inspired me. He also photographed "The Philadelphia Experiment" and "Phase IV", and was the original DP on Jim Cameron's "Aliens". One of the solid old school.

Jon Sorensen

Jon Sorensen:
There is a new music video. "Distance". Others will appear over the year. Jon Sorensen.

Jon Sorensen:
Cool image. I had'nt seen that. I am reminded that a few years ago, the U.S. distributors of my "Alien Blood" were contacted by a U.S. TV show, (Dead Lawyers I think, I can't recall, I don't watch T.V.), who wanted to display a poster of my film in the show. On the wall of a serial killer! I'd give a lot to have that one of Ken's "Dracula". You have fun and take care too, Iain.

Jon Sorensen


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