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Does anyone know where I could obtain a copy? For private use only. Been scouring around searching for over a year and would be very grateful.

By the way, great site. I've never seen such a definitive guide to Russell's Monitor programmes and TV work as here.

There are 2 reasons to remember a Ken Russell film.
1st It was good.
2nd It was bad.

Unforunately, Ken Russell's Treasure island falls under the 2nd reason.

For completists only.

Next time: the mystery of dr. martinu

What does not work. What works.

What does not work.
1. The comedy
Unlike his Lair of the White Worm, where what is not suppose to be funny is funny. Here what is suppose to be funny is not funny.

2. Jim in blackface.
That has become so controversial, I am surprised Ken included in this film, especially (IMHO) it has so little effect. Of course, this is 2019, and this film was made in 1995 or some 2 decades earlier.

3. The songs.
Of course, we can't really blame Ken for those, as he did not write them, but if you want to hear something far more effective, then listen to "Sailing for Adventure" and "Cabin Fever," especially "Cabin Fever," in "Muppet's Treasure Island."

What does work.
1. Actually, I don't think anything in the film works that well, especially in comparison to the other films made by Ken.

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--- Quote from: BoyScoutKevin on March 09, 2019, 09:00:50 PM ---
--- Quote from: Iain Fisher on March 05, 2019, 11:31:50 PM ---I agree on the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, a great book with so many memorable scenes- the old pirate at the Admiral Benbow Inn, the black spot, Long John Silver as the friendly cook, the boy hiding with the apples etc etc.

I like his other novels as well, Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde (it would be great to read it not knowing the story in advance), and the Scots dialect novels Kidnapped and Catriona.

A lot of the Treasure Island films are pretty boring, I can't remember which ones I have seen.  I did note that Oliver Reed is in one, playing Billy Bones.

--- End quote ---

No wonder, I don't remember Oliver Reed, as he appeared in the version with Charlton Heston as Silver. I think one of the few film versions I have never seen. It might be worthwhile for me to see if I can find it and watch it, as it also stars Christian Bale as Jim, Christopher Lee as Pew, Richard Johnson as the squire, Julian Glover as the doctor, and Peter Postlethwaite as Merry.

--- End quote ---

This is not the only time that Charlton Heston and Oliver Reed appeared in the same film. Though, this time, not knowing about Treasure Island, they had no scenes together. They both appeared in 1977's Crossed Swords or the film title for Mark Twain's Prince and the Pauper. Oliver Reed as the hero Miles Hendon and Charlton Heston as Henry VIII.

Not in the book
1. Long Jane Silver

2. The doctor as the magistrate, whereas, in the book, it is the squire who is the magistrate.

3. Blind Pew's death
Film: blown up by dynamite
Book: trampled by a horse
Which would you choose?

What is in the book.
For all that is in the film and is not in the book, there are several things that are in both the book and the film. For example: Ben Gunn's fancying cheese.

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