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Sarah Kane’s Theatre of Psychic Life


Iain Fisher:

I haven't read it, sorry.  It costs £85 (£70 second hand) and London libraries don't have it.  I could try suggesting to the library that they order it, but I doubt they would order it given the costs and limited appeal.  I suspect it will be available in University libraries, though the one I tried didn't have it.

It is for me too much for a book I have yet to find reviews on.

By coincidence I just found a launch event for the book on 25 May 2023 "join us for the launch of Leah Sidi's new book Sarah Kane's Theatre of Psychic Life: Theatre, Thought and Mental Suffering, followed by a drinks reception. This is a hybrid event, supported by the UCL Health Humanities Centre".

Book author Leah will be joined by Dr Hannah Greenstreet (University of Liverpool) and Dr James Rákóczi (Durham University) for a discussion about Kane's relationship to feminist theatre, mental health, and the medical humanities.

Details are here

Hello Mr. Fisher!

I was wondering if you've read this book and if so, what are your opinions on it?

Iain Fisher:
A new book Sarah Kane’s Theatre of Psychic Life: Theatre, Thought and Mental Suffering by Leah Sidi is to be published on 6 Apr 2023. It will be published by Bloomsbury.  More details when available.


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