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Beckett's Footfalls and Play in London


Iain Fisher:
I just saw this, it is highly recommended.  A faithful production of both plays end-to-end, Play bringing out Beckett's humour and Footfalls bringing out the sadness of the woman.  Really good direction, good sets (the three vases, the hallway), nice dark lighting and very good acting.

Iain Fisher:
Jack Theatre present a Beckett double bill of the Angel Theatre Company's Footfalls and Play.  They are on from 26 Feb- 9 Mar 2019.

"A ghostly figure paces a bare strip of landing outside her dying mother’s room…
Three identical urns contain a man, his wife and his mistress…
In Footfalls and Play Beckett offers a bleak, yet tragicomic, view of human existence."

After the performances on 26 Feb and 7 Mar, the director John Patterson will host a Q & A for audiences members.

Details are here


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