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Iain Fisher:
Hi Jon,

Thanks for all these.  I have watched a few of the videos, all good stuff, music and stunning imagery.  I liked the Edinburgh reference, I always though of Edinburgh as a city of various levels.

Clouds of Glory is better than my copy.  I was at the BFI filming (Melvyn Bragg was there).  Good seeing it on a large screen and an even better copy but still still with some damaged film.  The  BFI said their copy was very fragile, but is the best copy still around.


Jon Sorensen:
There is now a link here for anyone interested to download a file I have done of Ken's wonderful Lake Poet films, "Clouds Of Glory". My pleasure. Both 50 minute films, "William and Dorothy" and "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner" are on here. Enjoy.

The link is here:

That covers it. Have a great year, guys.

Jon Sorensen

Jon Sorensen:
Yep, just to reassure you, Iain, it was me who posted the rattle below. Me and the internet. I think I accessed your site pressing the wrong buttons. Pretty par for the course. So, no, it's not Donald Trump under a pseudonym. Take care, guys.

Hi, Iain, A brief visit to wish you and all here the very best for the New Year. Progressing on all my projects. In the spirit of Ken, new music films on my site below. Things are going to vastly change on the planet and I feel we are in the throes of Robert Fuest's wonderful 1973 film "The Final Programme". In some ways, this is not a bad thing. Bob was a visionary and so was Ken. We need more iconoclasts, otherwise film production will die from a glut of Marvel superheroes and cretinous commercials. Ken loathed commercials and said they were shaping the world in their own image, and he said that this image was a rotting death's-head. New blood will come out of CGI and related technologies bringing new ideas and a whole new movement of production with them. Ken and Bob would have approved and probably joined in. The television, movie and commercial models have been out of date for 25 years. I am excited about the future and watching all the wonderful work to come. Having said a mouthful, I wish you all the very best and leave a big hug and a wee smile. Keep up the great work, Iain. I aim to put those two "Clouds Of Glory" films of Ken's up on my site in the New Year and will let you guys know when it's done. It's a beautiful planet. Keep Your Sense Of Wonder! Take care of yourselves.

Jon Sorensen

Iain Fisher:
The book sounds great, and can't wait.  Keep us posted, and podcasts welcome.
Peter Cushing's dressing room is a good place to get inspiration, from all the Hammer films to Star Wars.
For those who don't know Jon directed a film Alien Blood which is certainly Ken influenced, and the DVD has some good extras.


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