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Pinter at the Pinter


Iain Fisher:
There are seven sets of plays:

* Pinter 1: Pinter: Press Conference/ Precisely/ The New World Order/ Mountain Language/ American Football/ The Pres and an Officer/ Death/ One For the Road Ashes to Ashes (Anthony Sher)
* Pinter 2: The Lover/ The Collection (David Suchet)
* Pinter 3: Landscape/ Apart From That/ Girls/ That's All/ God's District/ That's Your Trouble/ Special Offer/ Trouble in the Works/ Night/ A Kind of Alaska / Monologue
* Pinter 4 Moonlight / Night School & other sketches
* Pinter 5  The Room/ Victoria Station/ Family Voices
* Pinter 6 Party Time/ Celebration
* Pinter 7 A Slight Ache / The Dumb Waiter

Iain Fisher:
The Harold Pinter theatre in London is presenting a season of Pinter Short Plays from 6 Sept 2018- 23 Feb 2019.  More details soon.


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