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Boesman and Lena
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Boesman and Lena is in New Orleans, USA.  American Theatre Project presents Boseman and Lena at the AshÉ Cultural Arts Center from 13- 23 Nov 2014.   The director is Ed Bishop and the actors are Kirk Bush, India King and Rick Jay.

 "The play is carefully structured as a dance first with Lena's solo, then with a pas de deux, then with Boesman's verbal self expression. An old man stumbles on the two Hottentots, and becomes the physical catalyst of their relationship, precipitating a crisis and a credible resolution." The play was inspired by an incident in 1965 when Fugard was driving down a rural road in South Africa.  Athol Fugard noticed an old lady walking along the road in the boiling-hot sun, miles from anywhere, and offered her a lift.  She was overcome and cried with gratitude. She told him that her husband had just died and she was walking to another farm.  If Fugard hadn’t stopped, she would have spent the night on the side of the road. (It was a common practice in apartheid South Africa for farmers to evict worker’s families when the worker died). What struck Fugard was that the woman was in pain and suffering but was far from defeated. This inspired him to write the play.

More details are here