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Re: The Road to Mecca in London
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Another review by Jasmine Coleman in The Hackney Gazette, 29 June 2010.

"...Fugard was inspired to write this insightful study by the true story of Miss Helen, an eccentric old lady ostracised by her conservative Afrikaner community.

In the remote Karoo region village of Nieu-Bethesda, Miss Helen, played by Linda Bassett, has created her own personal haven - her own "Mecca" - by filling her house with candles and her garden with homemade cement statues.

She receives an unexpected visit from unlikely friend Elsa (Sian Clifford), a headstrong young teacher from Cape Town who tries to protect her from the demands of the villagers.

Through understated performances and subtle stage direction emerges a powerful discussion on age and youth, rebellion and conformity in changing times.

Bassett illustrates Miss Helen's dilemma with sensitivity and humanity as she fights to keep her home and her freedom. And Clifford is compelling as the idealistic Elsa, portraying her conflict with the local minister (James Laurenson) with conviction.

The play can be conversation heavy, slipping occasionally into an overly leisurely pace, but picks up in the second half as Miss Helen's life is illuminated."

The link is here: