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Re: Welcome to the discussion
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Hi Iain, and all of you!

I'm from Hungary and a devoted fan of Mr. Russell since I saw Tommy and Lisztomania on hungarian television 15 years ago. In my opinion, the Savage Messiah site is a splendid achievement in this virtual world of the Net. I'm desperately looking for Russell films on dvd, but I'm not the most fortunate searcher... A lot of his major works are not available on laser disc and on top of that (because I'm too poor to have a credit card) I can only order from the USA with a little help from a friend of mine who owns a cd shop here in Budapest. I've already bought Women In Love, Mahler, Lady Chatterley and somebody made a copy of The Devils bootleg for me. Now I'm saving money for Altered States. If any of you could help me to get more Russell dvd-s that are released in Europe (I'll send money, he/she buys the disc and sends it to me), I would be eternally grateful...

Hope you are all welll...

And cheers!
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